Beer and fat loss

Beer and fat loss

This weekend I went to a beer festival in Milton Keynes, the day was loads of fun with great people and lots of interesting new beers to taste. As a personal trainer I like to look at everything from a health perspective so I thought I would write this article on what is actually happening to your body whilst your enjoying that brew. Beer and I do not seem to have a good relationship these days, when I was younger I could pour it down me and stay lean without any sign of a hangover, these days however the complete opposite is the case. If I drink I usually stick to tequila and soda water with a squeeze of lime, if you CLICK THIS  you can read my article about how this is the healthiest of alcohol options. As I said beer and I do not get on if I drink it regularly I will without doubt begin to put weight on, in the belly and hips, It also brings out my allergies and the hangovers are not something I can not be bothered with, I do however love beer and return to it occasionally but always have the same reaction. The older I get the more I have to pay attention to the little things that I do with my diet and alcohol habits, the famous saying “you can’t out train a bad diet” sings very true in my world. I can spend 8 hours a week doing squats, jogging, rowing, swinging kettlebels but if I drink to much it doest seem to make a difference. I do not however believe that is a good enough reason to not enjoy a drink from time to time and have a few meals a week that are full of fat and sugar because you only live once. As long as your diet is roughly 80-90% good and your exercise regime is tight and regular you can get away with it. Beer and fat loss do not go hand in hand.

So heres whats actually going on inside your body whilst that lovely beer is making you feel great.

  1.  You pour that lovely crisp beer down your throat.
  2. Within seconds, the beverage passes through your oesophagus and into your stomach.
  3.  20% of the beer is absorbed immediately into your bloodstream from your stomach; the rest passes into your intestines, and is absorbed from there.
  4.  The beer travels through your blood to your liver, where it’s broken down. During this process, waste products called acetate and acetaldehyde are created. The stronger the beer, the more acetate and acetaldehyde.
  5.  Your brain immediately prioritises dealing with the acetate and acetaldehyde, signalling your body to stop burning fat. At the same time, it actually starts producing fat from another waste product of alcohol, acetyl CoA.
  6.  Your body can effectively process only 15-30ml of alcohol per hour.

So the more you drink, the longer your body is inhibited from burning fat, and the more fat builds up from the excess acetyl CoA. (A pint of standard 4% beer contains 22.7ml of alcohol. That means that on a six-pint night, you imbibe 136ml of alcohol – essentially, halting your fat burn for up to 12 hours.)

Personal Training for me is about moderation and making informed decisions, I have not wrote this article to try to stop you from drinking that lovely beer, I have wrote it so that maybe you will just drink it on a special occasion like the beer festival. Now you know the facts hopefully you will think twice when having just a few beers every evening because you might not feel them the next day but your belly will secretly be getting bigger as a result.