Being in control of your body

Being in control of your body

Being in control of your body should be everybody’s human right, sadly some people are born with disabilities that inhibit their movement or through sickness and accident lose it. However what I find  really sad is people who’s bodies have deteriorated to such a degree through lack of use, poor nutrition, excessive weight gain or just simple disrespect, that they are unable to do the simple things in life. If i woke up one day and could not move properly for whatever reason I would not stop until I had worked hard enough to overcome the problem, as moving and strength for me are essential. Now please don’t think that  I am disrespecting anyones lifestyle or saying that everyone is lazy, it sometimes is just down to education of how to resolve strength loss issues or lack of knowledge about diet etc. This is not something people are taught in school and when you age most of the people around you are getting weaker and less energized so the assumption would be that this is surely the norm. I strongly disagree that when your youth is up that it is all down hill.

The saying that relates heavily to this subject for me is “Use it or lose it

So as you age the hormone levels in your body are changing and your bodies ability to hold onto its muscle mass lessens, this simply means that the basic strength you have always been used to is going to drop down and unless you attend to it will just get worse. When you are young your hormones are high and your ability to recover from things is fast so your basic strength is good, even if you don’t partake in any form of exercise. So at this age its almost possible to get away without doing an awful lot and still  be mobile and have a basic natural strength. So for the middle aged people and beyond its time to start addressing the problem that is ahead, basic strength and mobility training need not be done in a gym and might not necessarily be as hard as you might think. Making sure that all your joints are flexible and all your bodies natural planes of movement are functional and strong will set you up for life. This is something that you will have to do for ever, but as long as you give your body the signal that it has a job to do it will follow the best that it can to do that job and not deteriorate is the same manner as it would do if you just sat in that chair.

Becoming good a basic activities like squats will help in countless activities outside your training, it might feel like a chore to be  working out but when it comes to being in control of your body and having the option to do whatever you like it will pay you back tenfold.

As a personal trainer I have dealt with countless people and assisted them in strengthening and making their bodies more functional, this can be from young people and to people in their 80’s. All of these people are now regularly training their bodies in natural movements and are reaping the rewards elsewhere in their lives.