Body Boosters

Body Boosters

After exercise your body needs to recover and boost the blood flow to your muscles and ease the stiffness often felt the day after exercise. A few good choices in food could help with this.

The omega-3 in fish like salmon, mackerel and herring works to reduce joint pain, and will ease the stiffness you can suffer after a hard workout.

Tomato juice is full of lycopene, which helps with muscle recovery. For a super booster make a cocktail by adding lemon and celery replace your lost salts and electrolytes and a dash of tabasco to boost metabolism to help you burn more calories.

A glass of milk can find the balance of protein and carbohydrate your body needs after exercise.

Boost your bone strength – especially important after the menopause – with a little help from the polyphenols found in blueberries.

Foods made from soya, like edamame beans and tofu, are perfect for a post-gym boost. They’re packed with protein to help build lean muscle, healthy unsaturated fat to boost blood flow to hard-working muscles and naturally anti-inflammatory isoflavones to ease aching joints.

Iron in broccoli – also found in lentils, spinach and red meat – helps supply muscles with oxygen and to help your body absorb the iron, add Vitamin C-packed orange or kiwi to your meal.

Vitamin C is so good for post exercise recovery, protecting your body from oxidative damage caused by exercise, air pollution and passive smoking; boosting the immune system and helping to repair connective tissue and cartilage.

The magnesium in nuts – also found in whole grains, pumpkin seeds and dark green leafy veg – helps with muscle contractions and energy metabolism. Also snacking on nuts before you work out will boost the supply of oxygen to muscles.Tart cherry juice has been proven to reduce the muscle damage caused by exercise.

And finally chocolate, but only the dark kind which is rich in antioxidants, in fact it contains more antioxidants than any fruit except apples, which your body needs to fight the oxidative damage caused by exercise. So help yourself to a square or two!