Breaking the habit

Breaking The Habit

Breaking the habit of not eating correctly and not exercising is hard and for some people almost impossible, or so they might think. Most people when they have decided to lose weight or get fitter want to do it right now and want the results immediately. As a result lots of companies have invented quick fix diet techniques that you must pay to subscribe to or drink there special milkshake that will get you skinny in five minutes or do there no carb diet that you are only allowed to eat things that start with the letter Z in. The fitness companies have also jumped aboard and are offering special 4 minute workouts that will blast away all that fat in only 2 weeks. So let me give you a gift and this gift is completely free, if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is. Trust me there is no way that any of these diets, milkshakes, 4 minute workouts are going to do anything for you other than waste you money. Yes, you may lose weight on some of these diets and it might drop off quite quickly, but you will undoubtably go full circle and come back to exactly where you are now. The reason for this is simple, all you have done is restrict yourself from the things that you have been used to for all these years and eventually your gonna just want them again. You have also not taught yourself to eat correctly, you have just starved yourself for a while and when the diet is over your not left with any way of making an educated guess of what it is you should be eating for a healthy lifestyle and the bad habit will eventually seep back in. With regards to the notion that there is a type of workout that is easy and quick that gets results, quite simply thats just a load of rubbish if it was easy and simple and quick, everyone would be fit and in shape, the fact is nothing pays more than hard work in the realms of fitness training. If it was as easy as a 5 minute workout everyday, I would be doing it rather than spending an hour a day in the gym, I would also be out of a job!

The solution

The solution seems boring and not immediate enough for people to want to do but sadly its the only way to get real, lasting results.

Diet Solution

  • Slowly take out the bad things in your diet giving your brain and your body a chance to adjust to the new behaviour, this way it will never seem that much different and eventually your diet will be made up of healthy items.
  • Once your diet has started to look better, start to portion of your meals into regular amounts so you are eating roughly every 3 hours, this way you will never get too hungry and be less inclined to binge.
  • The next stage is to tighten up the amounts you are eating and make sure your total daily calories suits your weight loss or weight gain goals.
  • This process can take as long as you like, the emphasis here is on resetting all of your bad habits but giving yourself enough time to do this so that you are less inclined to fail.

Exercise Solution

  • Start slowly and for the first section just work on turing up and putting some effort in, whilst in this stage forget results or weight loss. These will happen but your focus needs only be on doing the thing as best as you can. If you worry to much about getting better at it or losing a ton of weight its likely that you will lose enthusiasm as the results are not going to happen overnight.
  • Once you have created your new habit of exercising regularly you can start to monitor things a little more, make sure that you keep an eye on your performance figures and your weight loss goals.
  • Make sure that you fail, what I mean here is don’t just count the reps and finish, always push your body as hard as you can and if you do it will naturally have to adjust to the stresses that you are placing on it. It will do this by getting stronger, fitter, faster, more flexible and above all healthier.
  • The side effect of all of this hard work is that your body will lose fat and become more muscular.


This in essence is a very basic starting point, there are lots of specific ways to eat properly and progressive correct strength and fitness training regimes. But without getting this foundation in, you will fail and be back to square one. I realize this is far from the quick fix that you have been reading about but trust me, the person that is doing the quick fix will be returning to it for the rest of their life whilst you will have lost all your bad habits, made exercising part of your life and regained control over that body of yours.