Burning calories for fat loss weight loss

Burning calories for fat loss weight loss 

There is a lot of different views about how to burn fat the most effectively. I have tried all sorts myself and most of them are reasonably effective, some more than other. I find however that there are 2 simple things that you need to pay attention to before you start to experiment with all the weird and wonderful techniques out there. The first is intensity, if you are not working very hard the obviously your not going to get much of a result. The second is calories, if your workout is specifically aimed at burning body fat then the more calories you burn the more fat your getting rid of. As I said there is a lot of science behind different ways of attacking fat loss, with higher heart rates, lower heart rates, interval training, heavy load training, but you must adhere to my two above principles first of all as calories are king in the world of fat loss. My advice if you are just starting out on your fitness and fat loss journey is not to pay to much attention to the fat loss side of things, your training should be dominated by functional muscle building and your fat loss work should be on top of that. Below is a rough guide of how many calories your expected to burn on a few common gym favourites.

Typical calorie expenditure

9 – stone (57kg)woman

11 – stone (70kg) man

Running (calories per hour at 8-minute mile pace)

Woman = 720

Man = 913

Swimming (calories per hour for continuous laps)

Woman = 630

Man = 730

Uphill walking at a 10% gradient (calories per hour )

Woman = 590

Man = 694

Rowing (calories per hour at a moderate pace)

Woman = 540

Man = 611

Cycling (calories per hour at 12-14mph pace )

Woman = 500

Man = 584

Jogging (calories per hour at 12-minute mile pace)

Woman = 440

Man = 511

Walking (calories per hour at 15-minute mile pace)

Woman = 252

Man = 365