Burpees in the rain

How hard is it to not eat that piece of cake ? How hard is it to not rely on that drink on a friday and saturday evening ?

Its hard to answer this question as everyone is at a different stage in there life and at a different stage in there health and fitness. I read a book once about a concentration camp and amongst other things it discussed how everything very quickly becomes relative to the situation that you are presented with. In the setting of the concentration camp, after the initial stages of shock the writer describes his experiences of the highs and lows of his time in the camp, Understandably there is a lot of horrific things going on and the comparison I am going to make here is an extreme one. He explains that once he had got used to his daily chores, lack of sleep and tiny amounts of food that he started to look forward to certain parts of his week. One of the highlights was bread, he and his friends would save up the small amount of bread they were given over the course of the week and when they had enough they would eat it all in one go and for the first time in that week have a feeling of fulness in there belly. They also talked about spending time with certain guards that were less nasty as a positive part of there time. The book talks about several other psychological problems that they would have to deal with, the book finishing on a note that you must always have something to work towards, a goal, a hope of something good in the future, otherwise you will almost certainly give up and as he explained most of the people in the camp that gave up hope ended up dead fairly quickly.

In the context of your health and fitness and my initial statement of  “how hard is it to not have that piece of cake?” everything is relative. If you had someone holding a gun to your head and shouting at you that if you eat that cake your gonna get shot or if you don’t do your 1000 pushups your gonna get shot, you are very quickly going to get used to your new life as a healthy individual, your highlights thoughout your week will be you single cheat meal on the weekend and your once a month drink with your friends. After a while you will probably look at the man holding the gun as a friend as you will have lost all that weight, gained perhaps another 10 years of your life back and look and feel amazing. The new habits you have got into will seem like the easiest thing in the world and it will seem like the weirdest thing to you to drink during the week or to eat anything that is bad for you. You will look back 6 months or a year and remember how you used to eat, drink, feel and nod your head in disgust. It will seem insane to you that you thought it not possible to go a day or two without booze or that most of your food came out of a packet. You will look in the mirror and see something that you like and not hide yourself under baggy clothes. You will also wonder why on earth someone had to hold a gun to your head to realize all this good stuff.

So when your feeling like there is no possible way you can not eat that junk food or that it would be a crime not to have a beer, think ahead to your future and that if you avoid those bad things you are heading to a very good place and if you do eat and drink them your not.

Todays workout was 200 pushup jump burpees in the rain, if you rested for to long you had to do a lap of the pitch and then back to the burpees. Whilst I was doing this in the rain I was thinking to myself about the relativity of the situation, by this I mean that it was pouring down with rain, the floor was muddy but this was the last thing on my mind as those burpees were so hard. I looked forward to failing because it meant I got to run a lap. After my training partner Adam and I had finished I actually had a smile on my face. Looking back to early this morning when I was on my way to the rainy pitch I wouldn’t have thought that I would have been smiling on the way home.

So on a final note why don’t you just give your new diet a chance, stop drinking for a month, eat just whole foods and train as much as you can, I can assure you that by the end of the month you will be loving it, you will have found your new highlights of the week and your overall progression will constantly amaze you.

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