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What is Leigh eating today

What is Leigh eating today


So I am back in Milton Keynes after a few weeks swimming in english beer and fitting as many carbs into my body as possible. It is now time to steer the ship towards the organic vegetable and alcohol free island. I will be living on this island for some time now and am actually looking forward to it. Today started of by using our newly bought juicer, Below is what I drank for my breakfast.

Tumeric fun juice (all organic)

  • A 2 inch piece of Tumeric root
  • A whole cucumber
  • Three whole carrots
  • A piece of ginger
  • A large lemon

This tasted pretty good and was followed by a few whole eggs fried in coconut oil. Replaceing my morning coffee I will be drinking Matcha green tea with a whole juiced lemon in. To save a bit of time I juiced all the lemons and made ice cubes out of them.

For dinner we will be having a coconut, vegetable and chicken slow cooked curry.

Coconut curry (all organic) slow cooked

  • 3 chicken thighs
  • coconut milk 400ml
  • 50 grams red curry paste
  • fresh bamboo shoots
  • tons of other vegetables (carrots, broccoli etc)

Throughout the day I have been drinking alot of water, this might not seem like alot of food and it isnt but my body doesnt need alot at the moment and a few pounds need to be shifted and then ill bump the calories up.

Stopping Eating

Man starting his fitness journey with anybodygym

Getting a head start

Getting a head start

My house at the moment is full of talk about our up and coming year of no processed food, no dairy, no sugar of any kind, no alcohol, basically nothing that is not straight off the plant or animal. If your keeping up with these blogs you will know that we are going to have a practice month in november, to be fair our diet is pretty good as it is but we do have drinks on the weekend and we do have cheat meals and when we go out and socialize we drink and eat anything. Completely removing anything that was made by someone other than mother nature sounds to be not to complicated but when you sit down and go through your week you will be suprised at how much extra preperation it takes and how utterly antisocial it immediately makes you.

Anyway the purpose of todays blog it to state that I am going to pull the date forward to october and start my practice now through till the end of november, the reason for this is that I am actually quite excited about it all, I am looking forward to writing about it and inventing new and wonderful meals, I feel that this will benefit me and my clients on so many levels. If you have not read the earlier blogs we decided to start officially after christmas as we have not seen our family for over a year now and did not want our visit at christmas to be all about our new diet.

We will be visiting my mother in law for thanksgiving and this will be my one day off, next year though, no days off at all !!

So there it is, I have now made myself accountable and will therefore find it no problem to achieve what I have stated I will do.

Goodbye cheat meals

Goodbye nice yummy beers


Private Fitness Studio

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

I am writing this today firstly so that you are all informed as to my decision and also so I am officially accountable for my actions. As you may or may not no, my wife and I recently made the decision that in January of next year we will not be eating any processed foods of any kind or drinking alcohol for one year. On the face of it that sounds simple right ? well just start to think about that and try to comprehend what it entails. The menu can only be fresh veggies and lean meats, no sugars, no flavourings, no pre made cooking sauces, nothing that has not been prepared by our hands out of the whole ingredient, no cheat meals at all.The not drinking alcohol is something I don’t really want to talk about, the thought of a friday without a few beers or a social event sipping on water makes me question my sanity for thinking up this idea in the first place, but to see if the grass is in fact greener on the other side it needs to go and we will soon have our answers. I will be documenting every single minute detail of the whole process and blogging daily about the experience good and bad. When this is all done we hope to have enough amusing and informational content for perhaps a book. If you want to read my devious blogs on this subject and what the rules are please click on the below links.




Todays blog is to state that we have now decided to have a practice month, this will be in the month of November. We want to do this to give us an insight into what we are going to be up against, it will help us in the planning of our food for our year and will also help drop a few pounds pre christmas !!

So look forward in November to me bitching and complaining about how much I would like a beer and about how much time I am spending preparing food, maybe a few of you could join me in this insanity ?