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What will you be doing on Christmas Day? According to a survey done in my homeland, Christmas goes pretty much like this:

In the South West of England 25% of people had bought gifts and forgotten where they had put them.

In Yorkshire and Humberside gravy is popular and found on 70% of tables.

Northern Ireland pet owners are the most generous with an average spend of £15.98, compared to national average of £10.90, the region with lowest spend is the South West.

Londoners make the most puddings on Stir up Sunday. A third say they usually honour the occasion which falls on the Sunday before Advent, and is traditionally the day when the pudding was mixed in the homes across Britain.

Women are more organised with present buying, 84% had it all done by beginning of December compared to 65% of men.

More than one in five will be wearing a Christmas jumper

Average time to get up on Christmas Day is 8.01am

Average time present are opened is 10.03am

Average time for first drink on Christmas Day is 1.21pm

Average time people start eating dinner on Christmas Day is 2.49pm

Average time spent washing up on Christmas Day is 38 minutes

One in five 18-24 year olds has chocolate for breakfast

One in eight pets have their own Advent calendar

16% of pets open their own presents

26% of pets have a specially prepared dinner

18% of people will use a cooking planner to make lunch, 47% will just take a chance!

Four most popular TV shows for Christmas Day –

Festive film 34%
Strictly come Dancing Special 23%
Coronation Street 22%
Eastenders 21%

Christmas dinner in the UK includes –

Turkey 69%
Roast potatoes 68%
Gravy 60%
Brussels sprouts 53%
Pigs in blankets 46%
Parsnips 45%
Stuffing balls 44%
Cranberry sauce 34%
Broccoli 30%
Mashed potatoes 25%
Beef 16%
Cabbage 15%
Cauliflower cheese 15%
Bread sauce 13%

I don’t suppose it sounds that different to a Canadian Christmas and I’m sure my second Christmas in Canada will include much of the same.

Merry Christmas.