Over the last three weeks I have been eating and exercising with the focus on losing 2lbs a week, this has been part of a challenge that I am doing with my clients. Essentially I am using this month as a motivation tool to help people get the results they want. I simply put to all of my clients that have particular weight loss goals that I will do it with them, if I fail whoever completes that target of 2lbs a week for a month will get my services for free for a week, however if I do not fail, whoever does has to offer me something in return, such as 6 hours extra cardio etc. Upon thinking this up I though to myself well this shouldn’t be to hard, the first week was easy, with a significant drop in calories and a increase in training volume I pushed my weight down quick. The second week I knew was not going to be as easy, given the first week the simple reduction in the amount of food/carbs means that a lot of water is shed from the body and the total amour of food in you at one time is also less. So the second week took a little more focus, at the time I had my parents in town so there were a few meals that week in resaurants and even a few beers! but with a little extra tightening I managed my 2lb goal, I am currently at the latter part of the third week and have just hit my weekly weight target, so only another week after this and we are done.

So it may seem that last section was simply written to boast about my amazing skills of losing weight but it really is not, I write this today as I would like to state quite categorically that this last few weeks has not been easy, I have been roughly the same weight now for a long time, I haven’t felt the need to diet for as long as I remember so my perception was based on past diets that were a long time ago. When I was younger I lost a lot of weight and turned myself from flabby to muscle and since then have just kept my body roughly the same, a few tweaks here and there with diet have usually given me enough results to be happy. But this time round I think my age has caught up with me a little ! What I am basically saying is, for the last 3 weeks I have had to be more tight with food that I can ever remember being, I have been hungry, a little tired, a little grumpy and a little jealous of my wife eating cookies. Its taught me that it is of course possible to lose weight with calorie reduction and exercise but to think that it it easy is a joke. The bottom line here is this, when have decided that the weight has to go and your ready to do the work to get you the results, you must go all in and not expect it to be easy, the results you get will blow your mind and as the weeks go on your new habits will not seem so bad, don’t expect to feel full and satisfied all the time, don’t expect every meal to taste amazing, you are eating for health and weight loss, not taste and fat gain. Its not rocket science, avoid looking on the internet for weight loss products or tactics, eat less food, eat healthy food and don’t cheat.

This diet will now be something I do from time to time as it has really helped me empathize with my clients on a whole new level, I write this hungry with a glass of water beside me to distract me from scouring the kitchen for treats.