Diet Tweaks

Diet tweaks

Sometimes just a few tweaks to your diet can make a difference in your calorie intake and perhaps spur you on to make more drastic changes.

Most of us eat more than the recommended 30g of morning cereal – try weighing it out and use a smaller bowl so you won’t see the difference.

Swap your tuna in sunflower oil for springwater to save 89 cals.

Drink water, flavour it with a dash of lime or lemon if you don’t want it plain, or sparkling water there again flavoured if you want, but leave those calorie, sugar loaded fizzy drinks alone. Fruit juice is another sugar loaded culprit, not as healthy as you think.

Removing the skin from your chicken can save you about 50 calories a portion.

Even swapping the thickness of your bread can save some 18 calories a slice.

People who read nutrition labels on packaging eat around 5% less fat than those who don’t, say researchers, so read the label.

A study by Cornell University found using a smaller spoon makes it harder to overeat. Also resizing your plate and using a smaller one than usual will make a difference. You could find you get used to the smaller portions!

Serve meals straight onto the plate instead of one large serving bowl in the middle of the table.

Research has found that if you have soup as a first course, you eat fewer calories overall.

Eating nuts which contain oleic acid, an unsaturated fat, can help to curb hunger. But you only need 25g to get the benefits so,don’t overdo it.

And if you’re craving that chocolate bar and can’t do without it, try size control – just swapping a standard sized chocolate bar for a fun sized one will save a lot a lot of calories and still deal with the craving.