Don’t skip breakfast

Don’t skip breakfast

Do you skip breakfast? Do you feel you could use a bit of a kick start to your day? Now is the time to make some changes and find the benefits of regularly eating breakfast. I think it is the most important meal of the day.

  • You need food to refuel your body after a night’s sleep. Your blood sugar will be low and by refueling you will improve your metabolism and you will get that kick start needed to get you through the morning.
  • Missing meals leads to a hyper insulin response when you do eat. This then leads to fat accumulation.
  • Missing breakfast will not help with weight loss, in fact you will probably find you eat more lunch and often not very healthy options, therefore resulting in weight gain rather than weight loss.
  • Eating your calories earlier in the day gives you more time to burn them off.
  • Apart from the kick start breakfast will give to your metabolism, it will also help your performance during your working day.
  • By eating dark fruits, oats, milk as part of your breakfast you will get the benefit of nutrients that you may not get from other foods during the day.

Breakfast can generally uplift your mood, boost your energy and give you a good start to the day. Remember its worth getting up ten minutes earlier, making a quick bowl of oats and some eggs before you go off for the day, but even better to plan out some easy, nutritious breakfasts that will see you through your working week.

To make quick easy porridge use 50 grams of oats per portion to 300mls of water or milk. Mix this into a pan and heat on a medium setting on the stove or hob. Stir continuously and once thickened turn off the heat and serve on its own or with a handful of fresh berries, a sliced banana, a spoonful of yoghurt, a swirl of honey. The varieties are endless and a fast, nutritious, easy breakfast. Serves 1

For those of you who would like to prepare the night before – combine 50 grams oats and 100mls apple juice and let it sit overnight in the fridge. In the morning, add low-fat yoghurt, honey to taste and fresh fruit such as berries. Serves 1

My current and favourite breakfast is fast to make and can be eaten on the go so it should suit even the busiest of people !

Ingredients :

250ml egg white (from carton you can get these in costco and most shops)

1 Banana

1 cup Bluberries

Flax seed 1-2 teaspoon

milk (as much or as little as you like i usually use about 200ml)

Blend this up and drink !

We have a Ninja blender so you can use the same container that you blend in to drink it with so its easy to take to work with you.