Food Blocks

Food Blocks

So when dealing with your daily calories and making up meals to suit your desired calorie goal it can sometimes get a bit confusing and tedious. If you are happy to look at all your labels and do the maths on how much of it you are allowed then great and I can assure you that given time you will simply learn by site how much you are supposed to eat given your goal. If you CLICK HERE there is a recent article I wrote describing exactly how to assess how many calories and the macronutrient breakdown that you are supposed to be eating. If that just looks like to much work and the thought of having to check all the labels of your food and weigh it out accordingly seems impossible then the below calculation and chart is a very easy way to deal with this. This particular method of appropriating amounts of food by a block system is very popular amongst the cross fit community, it is a proven system of feeding your body exactly the right amount and can be tailored to any dietary requirements. Firstly you need to work out how many blocks you are allowed a day, I have based this on myself so you will need to alter the amounts entered or contact me and I will do it for you. As a personal trainer and a person that has been though a weight loss journey I enjoy the process of finding new ways to help people achieve there goals, this particular diet technique has helped many of my clients, through learning the values of good and bad food and the relative amounts that your body can process.

1. Estimate your Body Fat Percentage 14%

2. (Fat %) X (Present Weight) = (Fat Weight) 14% X 250 = 35

3. (Total Weight) – (Fat Weight) = (Lean Body Mass) 250 – 35 = 215

4. Activity Level 0.7

5. (LBM) X (Activity Level) = (Daily Protein) 215 X 0.7 = 151

6. (Daily Protein) / 7 = (Blocks Per Day) 151 / 7 = 22 Blocks Per Day

Now you simply get to spread your blocks out evenly thoughout the day and that is it !

  • Breakfast: 5
  • Morning Snack: 2
  • Lunch: 5
  • Afternoon Snack: 2
  • Dinner: 6
  • Bedtime Snack: 2

As you can see I have spread mine out allowing for a few snacks and a larger dinner, all you need to to then is choose from the lists below and build your meals. So for example my breakfast consists of 5 blocks so I will choose 5 blocks of protein, 5 blocks of carbohydrates and 5 blocks of fat. As you can see the food blocks have all been broken down into good and bad choices, you will notice that if you try to build a meal out of poor choices it will be VERY small and the opposite works for the good choices. The dietary choices favour anti-inflammatory sources as an inflamed body is an unhappy body. If you hane any questions on this please do not hesitate to contact me and I will make sure I answer them for you.




Meat and Poultry (low in saturated fat) — Best Choices

Beef (range fed or game)1 oz.
Chicken breast, skinless1 oz.
Chicken breast, deli-style1 ½ oz.
Ground beef (Less than 10% fat)1 ½ oz.
Lean Canadian Bacon1 oz.
Turkey breast, skinless1 oz.
Turkey breast, deli-style1 ½ oz.
Turkey, ground (7% fat)1 ½ oz.
Turkey bacon3 strips

Meat and Poultry (moderate in saturated fat) — Fair Choices

Beef (lean cuts)1 oz.
Beef, ground (less than 10 % fat)1 ½ oz.
Canadian Bacon, lean1 oz.
Chicken, skinless, dark meat1 oz.
Corned beef, lean1 oz.
Duck1 ½ oz.
Ham, lean1 oz.
Ham, lean deli-style1 ½ oz.
Lamb, lean1 oz.
Pork, lean1 oz.
Pork Chop1 oz.
Turkey bacon3 strips
Turkey, skinless, dark meat1 oz.
Veal, loin, lean1 oz.

Meat and Poultry (high in saturated fat, arachidonic acid or both) — Poor Choices

Bacon, pork3 ½ oz.
Beef, fatty cuts*1 oz.
Beef, ground (more than 10 percent fat)1 ½ oz.
Hot dog (beef or pork)1 link
Hot dog (chicken or turkey)1 link
Pepperoni1 oz.
Salami1 oz.
Sausage, pork2 links
Sausage, pork2 patties

Fish and Seafood — Best Choices

Bass (freshwater)1 oz.
Bass (sea)1 ½ oz.
Bluefish1 ½ oz.
Calamari (squid)1 ½ oz.
Catfish1 ½ oz.
Clams1 ½ oz.
Cod1 ½ oz.
Crab meat1 ½ oz.
Haddock1 ½ oz.
Halibut1 ½ oz.
Lobster1 ½ oz.
Mackerel*1 ½ oz.
Salmon**1 ½ oz.
Sardines**1 ½ oz.
Scallops1 ½ oz.
Shrimp1 oz.
Snapper1 ½ oz.
Swordfish1 ½ oz.
Trout1 ½ oz.
Tuna (steak)1 ½ oz.
Tuna, white canned in water1 ½ oz.

*Contains arachidonic acid

**Rich in EPA

Eggs — Best Choices

Egg whites2 large
Egg substitute¼ cup

Eggs — Fair Choices

Whole Egg1

Protein-Rich Dairy — Best Choices

Cheese, nonfat1 oz.
Cottage cheese, low-fat¼ cup

Protein-Rich Dairy — Fair Choices

Cheese, low-fat1 oz.
Mozzarella cheese, skim1 oz.
Ricotta cheese, skim2 oz.

Protein-Rich Dairy — Poor Choices

Hard Cheeses1 oz.

Protein-Rich Vegetarian (*Read labels carefully) (Huge variance in differing brands)

Soybean Canadian bacon3 slices
Soybean frozen sausage1 link
Soybean hot dog1 link
Soybean hamburger crumbles½ cup
Soy protein powder (7 grams protein)? oz.
Soy burgers½ patty
Soy hot dog1 link
Soy sausage (links)2 links
Soy sausage1 patty
Tofu, firm or extra firm2 oz.

Mixed Protein Sources (Contain more carbohydrates, so read labels carefully)

Soybeans, boiled¼ block
Soybean hamburger¾ patty
Tofu, silken5 oz.
Tofu, soft4 oz.

Protein/Carbohydrate Sources (Contain 1 block protein and 1 block carbohydrates)

OmegaZone Nutrition bar½ bar
Milk, low-fat1 cup
Soy milk8 oz.
Soy flour10 g.
Yogurt, plain½ cup
Tempeh1 ½ oz.

Carbohydrate blocks

(Approximately 9 grams of carbohydrate per block)

Low Density Carbohydrates – Cooked Vegetables

Artichoke4 large
Artichoke Hearts1 cup
Asparagus (12 spears)1 cup
Beans, green or wax1 ½ cups
Beans, black¼ cup
Bok choy3 cups
Broccoli3 cups
Brussels sprouts1 ½ cups
Cabbage3 cups
Cauliflower4 cups
Chickpeas¼ cup
Collard greens, chopped2 cups
Eggplant1 ½ cups
Kale2 cups
Kidney beans¼ cup
Leeks1 cup
Lentils¼ cup
Mushrooms (boiled)2 cups
Okra, sliced1 cup
Onions, chopped (boiled)½ cup
Sauerkraut (canned)1 cup
Spaghetti squash1 cup
Spinach, chopped3 ½ cups
Swiss chard, chopped2 ½ cups
Turnip, mashed1 ½ cups
Turnip greens, chopped4 cups
Yellow squash (summer), sliced2 cups
Zucchini, sliced2 cups

Low Density Carbohydrates – Raw Vegetables

Alfalfa sprouts10 cups
Bamboo shoots4 cups
Bean sprouts3 cups
Broccoli4 cups
Brussels sprouts1 ½ cups
Cabbage, shredded4 cups
Carrot, sliced1 cup
Carrot, shredded1 cup
Cauliflower pieces4 cups
Celery, sliced2 cups
Chickpeas¼ cup
Cucumber (medium)1 ½ cups
Cucumber, sliced4 cups
Endive, chopped10 cups
Escarole, chopped10 cups
Green or Red peppers2
Green pepper, chopped2 cups
Hummus¼ cup
Jalapeño Peppers2 cups
Lettuce, iceburg (6-inch diameter)2 heads
Lettuce, Romaine, chopped10 cups
Mushrooms, chopped4 cups
Onions, choppped1 ½ cups
Radishes, sliced4 cups
Salsa½ each
Snow peas1 ½ cups
Spinach, chopped20 cups
Spinach salad (3 cups raw spinach, ¾ cup raw onion and 1 raw tomato)1
Tomato, cherry2 cups
Tomato, chopped1 ½ cups
Tossed salad (3 cups shredded lettuce, 1 raw green pepper and 1 raw tomato)1
Water chestnuts? cup
Watercress10 cups

Low Density Carbohydrates – Fruits – raw unless specified (if frozen, use unsweetened)

Applesauce (unsweetened)? cup
Apricots3 each
Blackberries¾ cup
Blueberries½ cup
Boysenberries½ cup
Cherries8 each
Fruit cocktail (light)? cup
Grapes½ cup
Nectarine (medium)½
Orange, Mandarin (canned in water)? cup
Peaches (canned in water)½
Raspberries1 cup
Strawberries, sliced1 cup
Barley (dry)½ tbsp.
Oatmeal (slow cooking)***? cup
Oatmeal (slow cooking), dry***½ oz.

***Contains GLA

High Density Carbohydrates – Cooked Vegetables (use in moderation)

Acorn Squash½ cup
Beans, baked¼ cup
Beans, refried¼ cup
Beans, sliced½ cup
Butternut squash½ cup
Corn¼ cup
French fries5
Lima beans¼ cup
Parsnips? cup
Peas½ cup
Pinto beans¼ cup
Potato, baked¼ cup
Potato, boiled? cup
Potato, mashed¼ cup
Sweet potato, baked? cup
Sweet potato, mashed¼ cup

High Density Carbohydrates – Fruits

Cantaloupe¼ melon
Cantaloupe, cubed¾ cup
Cranberries¾ cup
Cranberry Sauce3 teaspoons
Guava½ cup
Honeydew Melon, cubed? cup
Mango, sliced? cup
Papaya, cubed¾ cup
Pineapple, diced½ cup
Prunes, dried2
Raisins1 tablespoon
Watermelon, cubed¾ cup

High Density Carbohydrates – Fruit Juices

Apple? cup
Apple cider? cup
Cranberry¼ cup
Fruit punch¼ cup
Grape¼ cup
Grapefruit? cup
Lemonade (unsweetened)? cup
Lime? cup
Orange? cup
Pineapple¼ cup
Tomato1 cup
V-8¾ cup

High Density Carbohydrates – Grains, Cereals & Breads

Bagel (small)¼ cup
Bread crumbs½ cup
Bread, whole grain or white½ slice
Breadstick, hard1
Breadstick, soft½
Buckwheat, dry½ oz.
Bulgur wheat, dry½ oz.
Cereal, dry½ oz.
Cornbread1-inch square
Cornstarch4 teaspoons
Couscous, dry½ oz.
Cracker, graham1 ½
Cracker, saltine4
Cracker, Triscuit3
Croissant, plain¼
Crouton½ oz.
Doughnut, plain?
English muffin¼
Granola½ oz.
Grits, cooked? cup
Melba toast½ oz.
Millet, dry½ oz.
Muffin, blueberry (mini)½
Noodles, egg (cooked)¼ cup
Pancake (four-inch)1
Pasta, cooked¼ cup
Pita bread¼ pocket
Pita bread, mini½ pocket
Popcorn, popped2 cups
Rice, brown (cooked)1/5 cup
Rice, white (cooked)1/5 cup
Rice cake1
Roll, bulkie¼
Roll, dinner (small)½
Roll, hamburger½
Taco shell1
Tortilla, corn (six-inch)1
Tortilla, flour (eight inch)½

High Density Carbohydrates – Alcohol

Beer (light)6 ounce or ½ bottle
Beer (regular)4 ounces or ? bottle
Bread, whole grain or white1 ounce
Wine4 ounces

High Density Carbohydrates – Others

Barbecue Sauce2 tablespoons
Cake? slice
Candy bar¼
Ketchup2 tablespoons
Cocktail sauce2 tablespoons
Cookie (small)1
Honey½ tablespoon
Ice cream, regular¼ cup
Ice cream, premium1/6 cup
Ice cream, premium2 tablespoons
Molasses, light½ teaspoon
Plum sauce1 ½ tablespoons
Potato chips½ oz.
Pretzels½ oz.
Relish, pickle4 teaspoons
Sugar, brown2 teaspoons
Sugar, granulated2 teaspoons
Sugar, confectionary1 tablespoon
Syrup, maple2 teaspoons
Syrup, pancake2 teaspoons
Teriyaki sauce1 tablespoon
Tortilla chips½ oz.


Best Choices (rich in mono-saturated fat) (If choosing a fat-free protein source, just use 2 fat blocks instead of one for a total of 3 grams)

Almond butter½ tsp.
Almond oil? tsp.
Almonds (slivered)1 tsp.
Almonds (whole)3
Avocado1 tbsp.
Guacamole1 tbsp.
Macadamia nut1
Olives, large (14g) (slivered)3
Olive oil? tsp.
Olive oil and vinegar dressing? tsp olive oil plus vinegar to taste
Peanut oil? tsp.
Peanut butter, natural½ tsp.
Tahini½ tbsp.

Fair Choices (low in saturated fat)

Canola oil? tsp.
Mayonnaise, regular? tsp.
Mayonnaise, light1 tsp.
Sesame oil½ tsp.
Soybean oil? tsp.
Walnuts, shelled and chopped½ tsp.

Poor Choices (rich in saturated fat)

Bacon bits (imitation)2 tsp.
Butter? tsp.
Cream (half and half)½ tsp.
Cream cheese1 tsp.
Cream cheese, light2 tsp.
Lard? tsp.
Sour cream½ tsp.
Sour cream, light1 tbsp.
Vegetable shortening? tsp.


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