Fructose evil sugar

Fructose evil sugar


Fructose is the primary sugar found in most starchy veggies and fruit. Its one of the cheapest sweeteners and is most of the time taken from corn. You will find it in all of that horrible processed food, fizzy drinks and baked goods etc.

To much of this dreaded sweetener is linked to:

Heart disease

Insulin resistance


High Cholesterol

Low Leptin levels (makes you less hungry)

High Gherkin (makes you more hungry)

Fructose makes us want  more sugar than glucose does:

Basically you would have to eat two times as much sucrose as starch to get the same amount of energy to your muscles and to your brain. The brain will keep asking for more sugar even though your eating more than enough.

Fructose is made from plants ! so why is it so bad ?

Humans have a symbiotic relationship with plants. Plants want to spread there seeds, to do this they surround them with fructose. The fructose that surrounds the seeds gets all the animals and us to eat them and as a result we and the animals eat a lot of them and end up carrying them and spreading them. This in some way is an advantage to us as once those fruits have ripened it signifies that the growing season is over and that there will not be a lot of food around for a while, so the best way to survive is to convert all that sugar to fat so we have lots of stored energy until the next growing season. This was great for us 8000 years ago but now it just means we are getting fat as food is so readily available.

Fructose why is it so much worse than glucose ?

The liver clears ALL of the fructose on its first pass and converts it straight into fat! However glucose stays in the blood for some time, it feeds your muscles and brain with energy but the fructose is just turning into FAT !!!!

Sucrose is one molecule of fructose and one molecule of glucose so half of it goes to fat and half of it gets used.

So whats the answer ?

The problem with eating a lot of sweeteners, no matter were they come from is that you get addicted to them and as a result you eat that cake and you will always give in. The only way to remedy this is to stop eating ALL sweeteners and eventually your brain will reset and stop wanting it .

Heres a list of where to get started on beating the sugar:

Try to avoid all sugar and fructose in your daily eating routine
Eat low sugar fruits like berries, grapefruit, lemons, rhubarb, avocado
Limit starchy vegetables
Read  the labels
Fructose isn’t controlled with insulin and cannot be converted to energy
The liver processes and turns fructose into fat

Heres a list of some of the devils sugar products:

Soda pop

Agave Syrup

Dried fruit

High sugar fruit (apples grapes)

Processed food

Boxed cereals


Low fat processed products