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Getting a head start

Getting a head start

My house at the moment is full of talk about our up and coming year of no processed food, no dairy, no sugar of any kind, no alcohol, basically nothing that is not straight off the plant or animal. If your keeping up with these blogs you will know that we are going to have a practice month in november, to be fair our diet is pretty good as it is but we do have drinks on the weekend and we do have cheat meals and when we go out and socialize we drink and eat anything. Completely removing anything that was made by someone other than mother nature sounds to be not to complicated but when you sit down and go through your week you will be suprised at how much extra preperation it takes and how utterly antisocial it immediately makes you.

Anyway the purpose of todays blog it to state that I am going to pull the date forward to october and start my practice now through till the end of november, the reason for this is that I am actually quite excited about it all, I am looking forward to writing about it and inventing new and wonderful meals, I feel that this will benefit me and my clients on so many levels. If you have not read the earlier blogs we decided to start officially after christmas as we have not seen our family for over a year now and did not want our visit at christmas to be all about our new diet.

We will be visiting my mother in law for thanksgiving and this will be my one day off, next year though, no days off at all !!

So there it is, I have now made myself accountable and will therefore find it no problem to achieve what I have stated I will do.

Goodbye cheat meals

Goodbye nice yummy beers