Guilt free diet snacks

Guilt free diet snacks

When your training hard in the gym and being strict with your diet, the results are reflective of the effort you put in, so when the weekend comes and your proud that you have behaved all week its time for a treat “right?”

Well yes a treat is definitely something you deserve but it does not necessarily need to be one that will set your results back a few notches. A healthy body deserves a healthy treat so why not try this fitness recipe out next time you feel like rewarding yourself.

Did you know you could have an ice cream treat that’s actually guilt free. Try this one when you’re really in need of a sweet treat:


  • 4 ripe bananas (can be over-ripe, a good way of using them up)
  • 2 tbsp almond milk
  • 1tbsp almond butter (no added sugar)


1. Chop bananas into chunks and then freeze.


2. Put frozen bananas and almond into blender and create a smooth consistency. Add peanut butter and blend again.


3. Put into freezer proof container and freeze for about an hour then serve.


You could substitute other nut butters of your choice.


Fitness training is only a small part of your weight loss, strength, cardiovascular and health goals, your nutrition makes up the larger part and is the one that will take up most of your time. At Leigh Carter Personal Training we educate all of our clients on how to achieve their nutritional needs. Making the whole process of becoming healthier and super fit easier then ever.