Healthy herbs and spices

Healthy herbs and spices

Herbs and spices contain more powerful disease fighting properties, vitamins, and nutrients than most fruits and vegetables. Spices taste great and they may stop you from adding excess amounts of salt and sugar to your meal. So by spicing up your dishes, you could be adding years to your life, and warding off illnesses like the cancer, high blood pressure, and even the common cold.


Many studies have been done on the positive health benefits of spices, and results show that certain spices contain incredible levels of vitamins, anti-inflammatory agents, antioxidants and natural pain killers, and the same spices produce little or no side effects in most people. The following are some of the healthiest spices you can use to flavour your meals:




Garlic is a well-known remedy for the common cold, but also can stop blood clots by increasing blood circulation, prevent heart disease and cancer, lower blood pressure, and fight off infection from bacteria.





Coriander can fight diarrhoea and gastrointestinal problems, as well as regulate blood sugar, and lower cholesterol.






Cinnamon with its distinctive flavour contains antioxidants that can prevent tissue damage, lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, fight bacteria and yeasts, and boost brain functioning.






Ginger is widely used in natural remedies for nausea, including motion sickness and morning sickness. It can also relieve pain, fight heart disease, aid in relieving the symptoms of arthritis, and help with blood flow.






This vibrant yellow spice reduces inflammation, which is highly beneficial for people with arthritis, relieves pain, and detoxifies the liver. It also contains compounds that inhibit cancer cells from growing.




Chilli Peppers

Chilli peppers contain capsaicin, which has anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidants that strengthen the heart, fight off disease, and can even burn fat. They can be eaten whole, sliced, diced, or dried and ground, chilli peppers adding a blast of heat and immune boosting properties to any meal.





Studies show that parsley can fight cancerous cells and prevent harmful build up in the arteries. Often disregarded as a mere decoration parsley can in fact can be beneficial to your health, as it contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid, and beta-carotene.





This Italian herb tastes great and kills bacteria in the body. It is effective in fighting amoebas, and parasites, and it contains 42 times more antioxidants per gram than apples, and four times that of blueberries.