Healthy Pizza in Milton Keynes

Is there really an alternative to pizza ?

When advising clients on there diets I always like to start by looking through what they currently eat on a daily basis. From this I start to establish their good and bad habits, I also begin to get an idea of the types of foods that their tastebuds enjoy. Rather than immediately get them on the broccoli and chicken breast diet I like to offer them healthy alternatives to their dinner time favourites. So if someone perhaps loves burgers and fries I will provide them with my quick cook chicken burgers and sweet potato fries recipe, this has all the taste of a nice juicy burger but a ton less fat and the fries are salt free and are healthier then a normal potato. This process will go on for as long as need be, basically until all of a clients food choices are derived from healthy sources and there portion size has been controlled to some degree. The point here is that most people if they have not eaten properly all their lives are not going to last very long on a diet of things that taste bland and are out of there comfort zone. A diet full of similar foods will ease there transition into a healthier lifestyle and then we can take it that step further to a calorie and macronutrient controlled diet that will facilitate the body and health that they aspire to. So your probably wondering why this article is promoting healthy pizza in Milton Keynes. The fact is there is no healthy alternative to pizza, believe me I have tried and they either take a lifetime to prepare or end up looking and tasting nothing like pizza. None of my attempts have ever tasted as good as the real thing. So here’s the thing, once in a while order a pizza and eat it, enjoy every mouthful of its cheesy goodness and and wash it down with coca cola or some beer. Whilst you are eating it you will be in heaven and those beers will feel like the nectar of gods. The key component here is enjoy it. So wheres the catch I here you say ?  Below are your pizza and beer rules.

The rules of enjoying pizza and beer

  • Earn it – So if you have trained hard all week and you have not fallen off of your diet at all you have earned your cheat meal card.
  • Be responsible for your actions – Given that some pizzas out there contain nearly 3000 calories you should probably think of going for an extra hike the next day and holding back on the carbs.
  • Understand its value – A simple slice of pizza equates to roughly 300 calories, jump on the rower and see how long it takes to kill those calories and you might think twice when forcing that last slice down
  • Enjoy the moment – If you love pizza and you are following the above rules outside of your pizza eating time, then make sure that every mouthful is savoured and treated with the respect it deserves.