Healthy Snacks

Healthy Snacks

I get asked by pretty much every single person that i train what should i snack on during the day ? So i have started to compile a list of healthy snacks available. I will add to this as and when i find new things in the stores around Milton Keynes.


1. Apples & Almond butter

Simple quick and easy, get your apples fresh and organic and no more than one a day. We buy our almond butter in Bulk Barn, they have a great little machine at the back where you can make your own out of fresh almonds. Don’t go to crazy with the almond butter just put enough on to make it taste good.


2. Vegetables & Hummus

Carrots, Broccoli, Peppers, Cucumber any veg will do and don’t limit yourself on these you can eat as much raw vegetables as you like. Hummus is a great way to make these taste even better but make sure that you don’t eat a bucket full, as good as it is for you its quite dense in calories.



3. Avocado & Balsamic Glaze

Take one medium avocado and split it into two, drizzle on a little balsamic glaze and add cracked black pepper and Himalayan pink salt to taste. Eat it with a spoon straight out of its shell. This taste will blow your mind ! Amazing flavour and great nutritional value.


4. Brazils & Almonds

Keep them in your bag or in your car for a quick healthy filling treat full of goodness. Limit the almonds to 24 per day and the brazils to 12.





5. Wholegrain Rice Crackers & Cottage Cheese

Top a few rice crackers with some cottage cheese for a good balanced healthy snack, you can also use a little almond butter or a slice of meat or fish of your choice.


6. Turkey Sausages

A few of these low fat protein packed sausages will keep your belly happy till dinner time. These ones are from Costco and most other supermarkets stock similar ones.






 7. Berries

Blueberries, Strawberries, Blackberries a cup full of these and small serving of almonds or brazils to balance out the sugars will fill you with the stuff your body needs!



8. Jerky

Get the stuff without the added sugar and the salt to a minimum, there are lots of places that sell fresh made so opt for that rather than the packaged one.