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Home Gym

Home Gym

What essential equipment should you have in your home gym

  • Concept 2 rowing machine 

If i had to pick the most essential bit of kit to own this would be it. Its functional movement and measurable performance gives it the edge over all other cardio machines. This amazing machine will destroy even the fittest man on earth, it is easy on the knees and gives an great overall workout. Its ability to measure everything you do means you can’t cheat and gives you a nice way to design a progressive workout regimen. Get on and row hard and you will be bulletproof !

  • TRX Suspension training system

This flexible tool can give you endless ways to workout, there is a million different ways to use it and its design means you can fix it up pretty much anywhere from that nice tree in a park to the basement of your house. Its cheap and probably the most versatile piece of equipment out there.

  • Adjustable dumbbells 

Every gym needs some weight and these little guys take up no space. They have a adjustable weight setting so they can be as light or a heavy as you like.

  • A simple adjustable weight bench 

When pressing weight, performing bench dips or doing step ups this versatile bit of kit is an essential.

  • Bosu

Balance – abdominal – sports performance – rehabilitation – this awesome fun piece of equipment can get even the most exercise shy person working out and having fun.

  • Kettlebells

A combination are cardio and strength can be achieved with these retro training tools. They do however come with certain risks if not used properly so make sure you work with a trainer to get your technique perfected.

  • Pull up bar 

If you work on your pull-ups with good technique you will become strong fast. Get your bar hold on tight and try to kiss the ceiling .

  • Multi gym with cables 

These are where thing start to get pricey but if cost is no objective then you can get some amazing set ups that will beat most commercial gyms and save you a ton of time.