How fit should I be

How fit should I be ? How any pushups should I be able to do ? How much weight should I be able to lift ?

So what do you think ? can you only do 4 pushups and haven’t quite got your squat technique down yet ? do you feel this is not good enough ? Are you working towards a particular amount of pushups that you read in a magazine that your average person should be able to achieve ?

The answer to this question is simple.

With any training routine progression is the most important factor, unless your playing a particular sport that requires you to be dominant in a specific area then you should be aiming for a general overall fitness and strength level. For me the only important thing with regards to the numbers is that they are improving in some way, this could mean that your squat technique is improving or that over the last month your rowing time for your 2000 meters has gone down by 7 seconds. As long as you are progressing you are doing the right thing. If you are training as hard as you can, eating well and resting correctly then you have got it right. How fit should I be is irrelevant as long as you are in some way better than you were last week or last month. Forget the end result and focus your attentions on the thing you are doing right now. This could be avoiding that slice of cake, stretching out your tight adductors or simply getting an early night. So when someone asks you “how fit should I be ? how many pushups should I be able to do?” simply answer “more