How to start your diet right

How to Start your diet right

So you have been eating whatever you like and whenever you like for a large part of your life and its finally the time to pull in the reigns and start on a healthy eating plan to go alongside your new exercise regimen. But where to start ? how to start your diet right !

Before I start to talk about the diet I would like to say that if you have just started to exercise and your life is now full of squats, pushups, burpees and hours on the rowing machine, please do not make the mistake of thinking that this is enough. Your performance goals are what you are working on in the gym and your weight loss goals need to be addressed in the kitchen. You can not out train a bad diet. 

First, I would imagine that over the years of eating anything at anytime you have created a lot of bad eating habits and its not going to be as easy as just eating the right thing at the right time because you are so used to the wrong things. At this early stage my suggestion would be not to focus on your weight loss at all, your job is simply to start to reduce the portion size of your current meals and slowly start to introduce healthier options into your daily intake. Once you have started to get used to fewer calories and are making better choices with a few of your daily meals simply crank it up a notch and make sure that one of your daily meals everyday is guaranteed to be the lighter, healthier option. Over the course of the coming months continue to replace your meals with the better options and healthier snacks until roughly 90-95% of your food is healthy and has low calories with a good nutritional value. If this process takes 6 months or even a year do not worry as these small sustainable changes are what matters in the long run and yes if you would have just starved yourself you would probably weigh less now but you would also be destined to fail. Once you are happy that all your food choices are good its quite obvious that your weight will have significantly dropped and you will be feeling healthier, more energized and less prone to illness. It is at this stage that you can start to play around with the calories a little more aggressively and start to focus on targeting your weight with particular goals as you will have created new habits with your eating that are healthy and sustainable. With regards to choices of what to eat and what not to eat I have created a lot of articles on my site with regards to better choices of food and lots of interesting and fast recipes. Please click on the below links for a few examples.

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These are just a few examples of my blogs about food and nutrition please look through my site and you will find lots more.

With all personal training packages we supply full nutritional support and make sure that all of our clients are progressing in a good direction with their nutrition and exercise goals.