A couple interval training for fitness

Interval training for beginners

Interval training for beginners

Its all about interval training “right?” well thats what everybody keeps telling you. But what is it ? why do i have to do it  ? why can’t i just go on the cross trainer for 45 minutes then go home ? why do i have to workout so hard it feels like I’m going to pass out ?

First of all lets put a few things in the right category, going to the gym for me is never about burning calories its about getting your body to function properly, be stronger, and to increase your cardiovascular health. Spending hours in the gym on a treadmill just burning calories is crazy and not the best way to improve your health. Your daily nutrition is where you focus your weight loss goals because quite simply it takes an hour on a treadmill to burn a few slices of pizza off and no time at all if you didn’t eat it in the first place ! so tailor your diet to your weight loss and focus your training on performance.

So now that we have got things in the right place lets have a look at that 1 hour on the treadmill workout and see exactly what its doing for you, I imagine if your spending an hour on the treadmill your intensity level is pretty low so realistically your not pushing your body to do anything more than it can already do. The end result is over a long period of time you get a little bit better at being able to do 1 hour on the treadmill and you burned some calories, or you could stop wasting your time focus on your diet a little more and not have to burn so many extra calories to stay the right weight! The messages this workout is sending to your body to adapt are not much as it can already do the workout reasonably well so your cardiovascular system isn’t really having to adjust much. Overall this seems to me like quite a waste of time unless of course your love spending all that time on a machine listening to your iPod and if thats the case the go ahead.

This leads us to the interval training for beginners, if you do a few google searches you will find a lot of info on timing structures and different applications for interval training but initially lets just make this a simple as possible.Pick a machine or exercise that you love or hate it doesn’t really matter, for the purpose of this lets say you picked the rowing machine. Jump on and warm up properly for around 10-20 mins at a low to medium intensity, then stop and decide on a basic interval time that your going to work to so lets just say 1 minute all out at fast as you can and then rest for a few minutes and repeat 10-20 times and thats it your done. Over time you can experiment with different times with less rest or more workload but there doesn’t need to be an exact science to this, all you need to be doing is working as hard as you possibly can for the time you have chosen to work for and then giving your self a set rest time that can be horribly short or long enough that you recover fully. The idea is to push you cardiovascular system and muscles to a point where they are not used to performing at and as a result your body will adapt and YOU WILL GET FITTER ! Your overall body is being pushed much further than it has been before and all aspects of your performance will increase. From squats, pushups, jump lunges,sprints you can choose anything and even group a few of them together just remember intensity is key.