Interval training ideas

Interval training ideas

This is a few basic interval training ideas that i wrote out for a client who has an issue with her wrist so it is not possible to do heavy work with it. Usually she does a lot of work on the treadmill or out walking so this gets her doing things that are out of her usual comfort zone. You can play around with the timings and put different exercises in if you like. But as you can see there are not really to many rules in interval training just keep the intensity high and the technique perfect.


  1. Interval 30 mins (LEG TORTURE)

Timing : 30 seconds on 30 seconds off

Loop the 5 exercises below

count them the first 5 times and keep the same numbers a minimum throughout

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Step ups 50/50 equal each side (15 seconds each side)
  3. Front squats 15lb Kettlebell
  4. Jump squats
  5. Lunges equal each side


  1. Interval 20 mins (Glutes & Core) 

Timing : 40 seconds on 20 seconds off

  1. Kickbacks equal both sides (bend over forwards kick leg back squeeze glutes)
  2. Plank (hold for the whole 40 seconds
  3. Side jumps over a dumbell
  4. Hip raises feet on bench (single or double leg)
  5. Supermans (lie on floor face down arms and legs up slow reps)


  1. Interval 40 mins 

Timing : 1 minute on 30 seconds off

Adjust the weighted exercises so that 1 minute is tough but possible

  1. Uphill swift walk on treadmill incline 14 speed 4 (leave treadmill running be carefull)
  2. Skip
  3. Abdominal seat crunch (v-sits)
  4. Jump lunges
  5. Underhand lat pulldowns
  6. Light dumbell flys


  1. Interval 

Timing : perform these 3 times and record total time 

  1. Dead lift 10 reps (weight used should be hard for 10 reps)
  2. 25 tuck jumps or jumps over something knee hight


  1. Interval 20 – 30 mins (cardio and control)

Timing : 45 sesonds on 15 seconds off loop this 2-3 times 

  1. Skip
  2. Bicycle abdominal floor exercise
  3. Skip
  4. Single leg deadlifts (equal each side)
  5. Skip
  6. Plank
  7. Skip
  8. Bosu super slow squat 45 seconds should be no more than 6 squats
  9. Skip
  10. Super slow lat pulldown or pull-ups  no more than 6