Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes


Hi I’m using Leigh’s blog to say goodbye to the place I’ve stayed in for the last month. We’re Leigh’s parents and have been staying for a holiday with Leigh and our lovely daughter law since the beginning of June. We’ve not seen them since they moved here from England last September.

We didn’t know what to expect as we’ve never been to Canada before. It does take some getting used to, everything seems to big – cars, shops, roads and everywhere is so far away. We could drive the whole length of England in the time it takes to drive to from Milton Keynes to Calgary! But we’ve loved every minute of it. I can see why they like Milton Keynes so much – you’ve got everything – and surrounded by such beautiful scenery, I am still taken back by the amazing view every time we drive over the bridge. They are lucky to live somewhere so beautiful, just a few minutes in their car and they are somewhere that looks like it’s out of a picture book.

Everybody we’ve met have been so friendly and polite and made us feel very welcome. It was good to meet up with a couple of Leigh’s clients and see how he is building up his business. We are very proud of them both for what they have achieved in such a short time.

The whole family really miss them and would love them to move back to England, but we also appreciate that they feel this new life is for them.   So in the meantime we will all have to keep saving for holidays in Milton Keynes.

Until next time – goodbye Milton Keynes, look after our family