Mondays workout

Mondays Workout


Mondays workout for me is usually legs, currently I am working on overall development. Being very tall it is not the easiest for me to have perfect technique, I am a little tight in the soleus and gastrocnemius. This, unless paid attention to causes me to sit a touch back and therefore I tend to lean a touch forward to compensate and as a result of that my pelvis chases my femur slightly. Its little adjustments like a simple stretch of the calf muscle that can mean the difference between a great squat and a terrible, dangerous one. A persons ability to squat, really points out if there are any imbalances or tight areas. If you can successfully overhead squat with good form you are very much on your way to having a very functional balanced body. My Current leg routine is split over 3 days, I tend to have a heavy squat day, a light high rep day and a day focused on my rear chain. This weeks legs is going to look like this.

Mondays workout:

Warmup & Mobility

Back squats = Work up to max weight for 3 reps and then do 8 sets of 3 or more reps

Leg raises = 10 sets of 15 reps (failure at 15 adjusting weight thoughout)

Pistol squats = 15 reps on each leg 6 sets (slight support if needed)

Wednesdays workout:

Warmup & Mobility

Deadlift = Work up to max weight for 3 reps and then do 8 sets of 3 or more reps

GHD = 10 sets of 15-25 reps

Leg Curls = 15 reps each leg 6 sets (increasing or decreasing weight to suit failure at 15 each set)

Fridays workout:

Front squats or overhead squats = 15 reps for 10 sets (adjusting weight for failure at 15 throughout)

Walking lunges = 15 strides each side with barbell on back (adjust weight throughout for failure at 15 reps)

Deadlifts max weight for 10 reps superset with 25 box jumps with height set above the knee 3 sets total


As you can see this week is a fairly rounded workout addressing all areas, I always make sure that technique overrides everything.