Broccoli and Chicken keep you lean

My diet for this month

My diet for this month

This month I have volunteered to lose some wight alongside my clients, I have stated that I will lose 2lbs a week for 4 weeks. If I fail I will train whoever succeeded for a week, and if I succeed and anyone else fails they have to promise to do something for me, things like an extra 3 hours cardio for a week for a month etc. To make this fair I a going to post my diet for this month and what my training will look like. I have not dropped weight for a while as my diet is pretty steady and I am happy with my size so this is going to take a decent drop in calories and a little extra cardio.

Here is what my diet will roughly look like, when I diet I like to keep my carbs to a minimum and put the starchy ones only before or after a workout and the rest of the day is made up of protein and tons of green veg.


Protein shake mixed with water and ground flax seed

Meal 1: 

  • Chicken breast & Green beans

Meal 2 (pre workout):

  • Oats cooked with water, once cooked, frozen blueberries, protein powder and ground flax mixed though

Meal 3: 

  • Chicken breast & broccoli & supplements (Vitamin C, Probiotic, Vitamin D, Psyllium husks)

Meal 4: 

  • Chicken breast green beans, salad, avocado

Meal 5: 

  • Chicken breast or Cottage cheese with raw veg

Meal 6: 

  • Serving of casein protein and fish oils

Throughout day:

  • Water mixed with fresh lime juice and green tea

Exercise for the 7 day week:

  • 4 Hours of functional weight training
  • 4 Hours of HIIT
  • 2 Hours low level cardio (hiking walking biking)


  • Minimum 8 hours per night

Cheat Meal:

  • 1-2 Cheat meals per week depending on weight loss progress, all home made and all organic


As you can see this is a pretty tight diet and not something that I would do for a very long period of time, I will constantly alter the amount of carbs that I have and bring in different sources thoughout the month (sweet potato, brown rice). I do not mention actual amounts in the above as I just go with how I feel and having done this many times before am pretty used to what my plate should look like.