My new gym space

So the time has come for me to organize a gym space for my clients and I to train in, with the winter months in the not to distant future, the outdoors will no longer see like such a desirable place for doing your squats !

I have been very excited about this for a long time and I am now in the process of looking for my new gym location, I have not got an exact date planned as yet but it looks like October is going to begin to be colder and darker so that might be when I open for business. The space will be very functional and a lot of fun, I intend on having plenty of interesting equipment for you all to play with. My gym will of course be just me and whoever I am training and more than likely available to clients for their own practice. There will be lots of things to climb on jump up and over and tons of weight!

I will organize each client there own space on the wall were there current statistics and goals will be written and updated with every session, each client will have there own playlist of music on my computer. There will not be a thousand mirrors for you to look at yourself in, my gym will have walls full of statistics and will be a place where you train to improve and everything will be heavily monitored so that progress is clear and guaranteed. For the moment my only employees will be Mabel and Xeno, Mabel will be taking care of gym management and general supervision and Xeno will be on security, they will of course have there own gym outfits.

I am very excited about this as it will begin my journey into making my business bigger and more successful. Its all the people that I have trained so far in Milton Keynes that have made this possible so I thank you for putting me in this position.