Heavy weights

Posterior Chain Workout

My posterior chain workout today

My workout today was for my posterior chain and is one of my favourite days in the gym, although it is hard work and I can’t usually walk properly for a while afterwards I love it. Training for me is one of my favourite times of the day as I get to turn my brain of for a little while and just focus on movement. I usually train on my own and although this means I have not got anyone shouting at me to lift more or push a few more reps out I really like the focus it goes me. Being a personal trainer means I spend most of my time one on one with clients so my training sessions are a good time for me to compose myself and focus my attentions on what I am doing and not others. This is a very necessary part of my day and without it I would be lost. I usually train for about an hour or so and then grab some food and continue my day, I look look forward to my workout all morning so its a real treat when lunchtime comes around.

Todays workout

Warmup and mobilisation 

  1. Deadlift working up to weight over about 4 sets and then 8 sets of 3-5 reps at 460 lbs
  2. 8 sets of back extensions on GHD 25 REPS EACH
  3. 5 sets Kettlebell snatch at 70lbs 8-12 reps each side
  4. 5 sets leg curl weigh set to fail at 15 reps

Warmdown and stretch