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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect

I am writing this today firstly so that you are all informed as to my decision and also so I am officially accountable for my actions. As you may or may not no, my wife and I recently made the decision that in January of next year we will not be eating any processed foods of any kind or drinking alcohol for one year. On the face of it that sounds simple right ? well just start to think about that and try to comprehend what it entails. The menu can only be fresh veggies and lean meats, no sugars, no flavourings, no pre made cooking sauces, nothing that has not been prepared by our hands out of the whole ingredient, no cheat meals at all.The not drinking alcohol is something I don’t really want to talk about, the thought of a friday without a few beers or a social event sipping on water makes me question my sanity for thinking up this idea in the first place, but to see if the grass is in fact greener on the other side it needs to go and we will soon have our answers. I will be documenting every single minute detail of the whole process and blogging daily about the experience good and bad. When this is all done we hope to have enough amusing and informational content for perhaps a book. If you want to read my devious blogs on this subject and what the rules are please click on the below links.




Todays blog is to state that we have now decided to have a practice month, this will be in the month of November. We want to do this to give us an insight into what we are going to be up against, it will help us in the planning of our food for our year and will also help drop a few pounds pre christmas !!

So look forward in November to me bitching and complaining about how much I would like a beer and about how much time I am spending preparing food, maybe a few of you could join me in this insanity ?