Running out of gas

Running out of gas


So todays blog is the start of something very new and something very special. It all started on a journey back from a weekend away at Mirror lake.

My wife and I are pretty much glued together, we don’t really do much apart from play with our dogs, cook and argue about who did or didn’t empty the dishwasher or why my pants got left on the bathroom floor. When we travel together is usually the time we get to talk about stuff that we would normally not have enough time to talk about and we sometimes come up with some great ideas. The weekend just gone we visited the wives mum and her partner Albert, we had a lovely days fishing on the beach and decided that we would head home on the saturday evening so that we would have the whole day on sunday at home. We left at 6:30pm and drove for about 3 hours to the ferry and went across, whilst on the ferry we both realized that we only had about 100km left of gas in the tank, I asked the man on the ferry what gas station would be best to go to and he explained that the best and nearest one was about 1 hours drive back the way we came. Situations like this are what ends marriages, luckily we held it together and decided to not talk about it “AT ALL” so to distract ourselves the conversation got onto food and alcohol. My relationship with alcohol and junk food is a love hate one, I love junk food and I love beer but they do not love me. Alcohol makes me fat and doesn’t let me sleep properly so I get overtired the next day and tend to eat more junk. This then leads me to the next day after my hangover when I feel guilty and start on a mission to work off those extra calories from the weekend and limit my food intake to compensate. This process does work to keep a level weight and for some people makes sense, for me however it always makes me question what it would be like to not do this to myself once or twice a month. The conversation steered itself to the simple question “what would it be like to not drink at all and to only eat any unprocessed foods? ”

If this question could be properly answered then an informed decision could be made towards not drinking and eating crap from time to time because by not doing it you might feel so amazing and look so amazing that it simply is not a choice, or to continuing drinking from time to time as the end result of not drinking or eating crap from time to time didn’t really do much other than complicate your life and make you utterly antisocial.

So we discussed how this could be done and come up with the only way that we though it would be possible to get a real answer. If we were to not drink any alcohol, eat anything processed and that basically means only consuming vegetables fruit and meat for one year we would have our answer.

After much discussion we decided this would infact be a very cool idea, given that I write a daily blog I could document our progress and show all the recipes we come up with and talk about how we got through all the obvious problems that would arise from not being able to eat in restaurants, drink with friends or eat without preparation. After a year of writing about all of this I think I could make this into something quite amusing and informational.

So this is in its early stages, over the next few months we are going to write up the rule book with regards to food etc and we are going to start this in January after our visit to England to see my family, after a year of blogging and documenting all the changes in our life such as body fat, weight, strength, sleep patterns, hormonal behaviour, skin condition and anything else that crops up I am going to publish it and see if there is anyone out there that might be amused by reading how horrible and beautiful our experience was. After this year we will have a very easy decision to make, to continue or to get the beers in.