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Whilst talking to my class today the subject of what should I do in the gym came up. The answer to this question can be very simple or very complicated. To a experienced gym user it will be very different than perhaps a first time gym goer. However I believe at the core of all peoples training are some very simple components and if you are just starting out there is a very simple path you can follow that will give you far greater benefits than overcomplicating your workouts will.

The basics 

If you break it down the body really only performs about 6 compound movements, compound being the heavy all body movements that shift its own weight or with extra weight. Of course there are thousands of other smaller movements that it can perform but I believe working on these basics are the best way to increase strength throughout the whole body and build quality muscle.

These movements are 

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Pullups
  • Pushups
  • Dips
  • Overhead Presses

These movements have many variations and are all scalable to any strength and fitness level. There are also many movements that will assist progression on these.

Working on these movements in a progressive way should be your intention with every workout session, by progressive I mean perfecting technique, increasing weight, increasing repetitions/sets or decreasing rest periods. Technique however is your overriding priority.

So why not try to start to simplify your workouts a little ?

Work on these movements every week, make sure you are progressive. This does not mean you have to do just these movements as there are many movements for legs etc but make sure that you are monitoring your progression on these and if you feel that a certain area is holding you back from progressing on a particular movement then isolate it and work on it. This could be that your hamstrings are to tight and they are inhibiting the correct squat movement or that your core is to weak for your pushups. The answer to these would be to start to stretch your hamstrings more regularly and concentrate on isolating your abdominal region with specific core exercises.

To my class that are reading this I am going to send you a workout though my app for you to look through and start to work on, I will start as of next week teaching you the correct technique for these movements.

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