Stopping Eating

I won’t lie to you, this holiday period has been one largely surrounded by food and drink. As a result there is a strange person in the mirror who reminds me of me, but is defiantly larger and a lot less fresh looking.

I prepared well for this holiday by doing a ton of extra cardio and limiting the calories I was consuming so that I could enjoy all the wonderful foods and not be the bore in the corner sipping on water and chomping on some broccoli.

It is now however, time to clean up shop. I have challenged one of my clients to a 21 day weight loss and performance competition. This comes at a good time for me as I have another holiday in 3 weeks where I am going to visit my family in England for the first time in over a year.

The point of this blog is simple and I hope it will help you with your own challenges in your health and fitness, If you struggle with motivation and commitment to your goals why don’t you get someone to help you. A simple little challenge like this with a friend does not mean you have to attack it with a bloodthirsty rage with only winning on mind, for me it just means that I have first made myself accountable to a particular goal and I now have someone to talk to about it, I am not incredibly competitive but when it comes down to it, no one likes to lose.

So grab a partner, set out some goals, communicate and help each other get there.

Day 1 Sat 2cnd Jan 2016

Losing weight