Strength training as you age

Strength training as you age

Its tempting for me to write this article and fill it with tons of scientific facts and studys. But I am not going to because I want my message to be as simple as possible.

Imagine 2 men both standing half way up a mountain, they both decide that they love being up this mountain so they decide that they are going to stay up there for as long as possible, however both men are married and their wives will eventually be calling them to come down off the mountain and get on with the job list. The first man is lazy and decides he is just gonna lie down and enjoy the view from half way up, the second man however has a better plan, he decides that he is going to climb to the top. Eventually and at the same time both the men get the call from their wives and are told to stop messing around up the mountain and “come home NOW !” The first man gets up off the floor and slowly makes his way down the mountain and eventually gets to the bottom and meets his wife were he is promptly told off because he has far to many jobs that he should be doing at home, the second man however, along with knowing how beautiful it would be at the top of the mountain also realised that it would take twice as long to get to the bottom once his wife eventually called and was currently still half way up enjoying the view.

While I fully understand that this doesn’t sound like it has much to do with strength training as you age, my point is a very simple one.

If you are at the middle of your life and perhaps to busy to exercise, or you are soon to retire and plan on taking it easy then you must understand that you are without a doubt going to get weaker, more dysfunctional, and generally less healthy. This is a fact and if you look at the people around you who are aging badly, my bet is they are not doing anything to stop it. So heres were the strength training as you age comes in.

The solution

You’re at the middle of your life so you can choose to get stronger, fitter, healthier and more functional by eating properly, not drinking too much and getting the right amount of exercise, this way you’re making an effort to climb to the top of that mountain so when you start to get older your strength and fitness levels are high and its gonna take a hell of alot longer for you to get weaker and for you to come down off that mountain. So enjoy the view for longer, age properly so that you can continue to do all the things that you have always done with your body, age is simply a number when you treat your body right.

Strength and fitness training need not be something that you have to do in a gym and you certainly don’t need to look like a bodybuilder to do it, simple functional movements that your body should naturally be able to do are performed helping your body become stronger and better at what it was designed to do. Hiring a personal trainer to guide you through this is a great way to give the responsibility to someone else so that you can concentrate on the better things in life and enjoying the benefits of your strong, lean and fit body for the rest of your time up the mountain!