Strength training for women

Strength training for women

Having a strong, functional and capable body is a very empowering feeling. Its not just men that should have the luxury of this, the women of this world are now quickly realising that muscle doesn’t necessarily belong to the men. When personal training women I am usually asked the same question “I won’t get all bulky and heavy with muscle will I ?”  the answer is simple “no” firstly the chances of you waking up one day and suddenly being 20lbs heavier of solid muscle is pretty much impossible so if at any point you feel like your as strong as you would like to be and as toned and muscular as you would like to be, then tell me and we will go into our maintenance phase of our training. Thing is though I have never met anyone who is actually in the mythical maintenance phase as most people enjoy the constant challenge of improvement. With women muscle builds slower that in men due to their different hormone levels, but this does not mean that you can’t build it, it just means that your idea of your body suddenly becoming like bodybuilders over night is a little far fetched. Someone once compared the notion that a person might suddenly become to muscular to getting in their car one day and suddenly becoming a formula one race car driver. When it comes to strength training for women in kelowna the benefits are endless, a solid body with less fat burns more calories than a soft fat one, even when its sitting still, so guess what, that diet doesn’t have to be so crazy as your body can take the extra calories. A strong body makes a person feel capable and with age the decline in strength will creep up on you faster than you think so why not get a head start now and create a solid foundation of muscle so that as you age your decline is lessened. Strength training for women in Milton Keynes does not have to be in a gym pushing countless weights, sweating and shouting, It can be functional and done anywhere. The best strength training movements mimic day to day activities, things that you as a human being should be capable of. These movements are essential for good health and without them you might not be the one picking up your grandchild or getting up out of that chair quickly. Although you might feel that all this decline in your body is years away and you will just deal with it when you have more time, its not quite that simple. Once your body does start to show signs of decline and it will do, its going to be that little bit harder to play catchup. With Leigh Carter Personal Training Milton Keynes we specialize in helping people build stronger, healthier and more functional bodies for their future. Age should simply be a number and your body should serve you well for the whole of your life and given the correct stimulus it will. Sadly though if the only stimulus you are giving it is poor diet, a lot of sitting and not much movement its only heading in one direction and not one that I imagine you are aiming for ! So why don’t you contact me today and I will show you what my company can do for you and how easy it is when someone else takes care of all your health and fitness needs.

Heres a list of some of the benefits of strength training for women in Milton Keynes :

1. Strong Bones

Regular weight bearing exercise helps increase bone density, so your worries of osteoporosis are taken care of.

2. Weight Control

More muscle faster metabolism, so those weight loss goals are managed more effectively.

3. Reduced injury risk 

A more functional, capable body is at far lesser risk of injury.

4. Manage chronic conditions 

Strength training helps manage back pain, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis and even depression.

5. A Healthier heart 

Evidence suggests that strength training can have a positive effect on cardiovascular disease risk factors, such as decreased levels of LDL “bad’ cholesterol, and increased HDL “good’ cholesterol in the blood.