The 14 Day Away Blitz

So you have 14 days to get as much done as physically possible, at this early stage I do not feel there is to much need for overcomplicating your workout when you are away. Your objective is therefore very simple, accumulate as much reps/calories of the below exercises as possible, I will give you a rough idea of how to structure it and you will need to adjust according to how you feel on that particular day.

Remember technique is EVERYTHING, this means that failure is either through exhaustion or when your technique starts to falter, whatever comes first.

So below are the movements I wish you to do

1. Squats (to ball)

2. Pull-ups (Lying down)

3. Step-ups onto a box or reverse lunges

4. Push-ups

5. Chair dips

6. Thrusters (Squats with dumbbells and a should press at the top of the squat)

7. Plank

I have put these in the order I feel would work the best, feel free to play around with it a little.

The other section of your workout will be calorie based, so whatever machines are in the gym that count calories are applicable to this. I would of course prefer you to use the rower if they have one.

So your daily workout should look roughly like this.

1. Warm up and stretch all muscles take at least 10-20 on this.

2. Do as many of the above movements as possible, start with the first one and when you fail move onto the next one. Keep rotating this for as long as you have time or as long as you can handle. (45 minutes minimum)

3. If you can count the reps and record it that would be cool as you know how much I love numbers.

4. Then move on to your machine work (rowing, cycling, elliptical etc), I would like you to burn a minimum of 500 calories a day on a machine.

5. Your scores on the rower are 500 Meters …… try to beat this and 2000mtrs ….. try to beat this, defiantly record the times and I will adjust my boards.

Food Rules

1. Low carb

2. Minimum booze

3. Maximum Vegetables

Thats about it

Essentailly do as much as time permits, always push it right to the edge, pay strict attention to your technique, rehydrate, sleep lots, stretch lots.