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The 3 week holiday workout

The 3 week holiday workout

Week 1 = Hotel workouts

Week 1 is based on having a holiday where you are staying in a hotel, understandably when on holiday not every day is going to be one where you are going to be able to make it into the gym, I would therefore base your targets on a weekly total rather than trying to get a workout in everyday, this way you could perhaps do a little workout whenever you have some free time or whenever you feel the need.


So the targets will be relatively simple and will be based on an assumption that there is some basic machines in the gym within the hotel.

1. Calorie goal = 3500 calories over the course of the week, this can be measured on the machine of your choice, spread this out over the week and vary your machine choice.

2. Squat/Push-up/Bench dip goal = A total of 400 of each of these movements will need to be performed in good form over the course of the week.

3. Play goal = Use some new machines within the gym, make sure that your posture is always perfect within these new movements (Neutral spine), apply some of the number routines that I have shown you and simply experiment, focus on the muscle that is being used and make sure you feel the burn.

Week 2 = Camping Workout Week

Week 2 is based on a week camping so there will be no equipment and little around you to use, hiking will be high on your list of of objectives.

1. Hiking goal = A daily target here is probably fair so try to get at least 1 hour of brisk paced hiking in per day.

2. Early morning muscle blast = every morning you will find a space and get your stop watch out, you will then perform from the list below 1 minute of every exercise followed by 30 seconds rest, feel free to throw in any other movements you feel relevant and repeat certain ones as many time as you like, try to do this for at least 20 minutes (thats 20 minute of work).

Squats/Push-ups/Dips/Ab-Crunches/Lying down hip raises (single leg)/Plank/Lying down leg raises/Burpees ETC

Week 3 = Staying with relatives in the city

Week 3 is based on staying in the city with relatives, so workouts will be based upon the terrain around you.

1. Daily jog/circuit = So after or before breakfast your going to escape the house and walk for 10 minutes, once you have warmed up a little you are going to break into a jog, try to stay in areas where there are benches/stairs/hand rails etc. Start splitting up your jog into segments, so jog for a few minutes then stop at a bench and do 10 dips/10 squats/ 10 push-ups, then start to jog again for a few minutes if you com across some steep stairs stop there and take 2-3 stairs at a time lunging up them and then get back to the bottom and do this maybe 6-10 times, then carry on jogging stopping every few minutes to use some of the terrain around you do do various movements (step-ups/bench dips/pushups on hand rails) you can also vary the pace of your jogging so 30 seconds fast as you can then 3 minutes slow etc.