The art of competing against yourself

When was the last time you woke up in the morning with a clear head, feeling ready to take the day on and thought back to your decision last night to not drink any beer and thought “mmmmm I really regret not getting drunk because I would love to be a little bit fatter today and feel like crap” Hopefully never. Its these little battles with your inner fatty that I class as a competition sport. I watch the television very rarely, but sometimes when I do I accidentally flick over to some kind of football or competition sport, briefly I watch analyze and respect the enhanced athleticism of the players, then I realize I am exceptionally bored and flick back over to the food channel. Sport to me has never been about competing with others, I do not like playing any group sports or watching it or hearing about it. I have a healthy respect for different sports and the athletic abilities of the players, but it simply bores me to tears. My sport is with myself and as my above statement explains it can be anything from beating my urge to drink that beer in the sunshine or lifting just 1lb more weight on a lift I have been working on. This self competition has served me well over the years, sometimes I lose and sometimes I win, its always happening and I am always fighting some particular urge or beating a particular performance goal. My brain has a million and one different ways to justify eating that bad thing or not doing the extra days cardio but over the years I have come up with a million and 2 ways of convincing myself that I shouldn’t eat the bad thing and that cardio is going to happen. I suppose if I didn’t spend most of my time competing with myself I might have a little more time to try to like watching the game, but I doubt it ………………..