The Clean Year Rules

The Clean Year Rules

So a few blogs ago I started to talk about my wife and I decision to completely remove all processed food, sugars and alcohol out of our food for a whole year, If you CLICK HERE you can read that blog. Since then we have talked about it a lot and have started to try to work out the rules so that we can simplify the process and not question any of our decisions within the year. Todays blog is going to be my first attempt to draft up the rules, If at any point until then anything get discussed further I will update this list with our new decision. It really should not be to complicated but when you start something like this you must be very clear on how it will work otherwise it will fall apart very quickly.


  1. Absolutely no alcohol

  2. All food must be bought in its natural state (unprocessed) and then cooked/processed by us.

  3. The only foods allowed are fruit, nuts, seeds, vegetables, meat, fish, fresh herbs.

  4. Foods not allowed are anything processed, any dairy products, and refined sugars, this includes honey etc.

  5. No sweeteners of any kind and no dried fruits.

  6. Basic processing is allowed as long as we do it, examples are making our own almond milk or almond butter. Cooking of baked goods is permitted as long as we processed the almond flour. Processing a product so that it becomes devoid of its nutrients or the starch broken down to much (so it represents sugar) is not permitted

  7. Oats, Wholegrain rice, Quinoa are permitted as one of the only part processed products, these grains must be in there wholegrain state.


If you have any suggestions please let me know and I will continue to alter this list until every eventuality is covered.