The healthiest alcohol

The healthiest alcohol

To drink or not to drink ?

I will admit to sitting writing this with a drink next to me, a drink that my sister and i refer to as “mostly ice”. It is essentially an entire pint of ice with very watered down cider poured in. The combination was a good way to be able to drink a lot of water whilst the summer days drinking session would progress. A hangover is largely due to your body and brain being severely dehydrated and this was a good way to avoid that, also it would make a small drink last a lot longer so you would not consume as many calories from the alcohol. Alcohol is basically sugar and has a higher calorific load per gram to a normal carbohydrate (7kcal as opposed to 4kcal). The sugars in alcohol are pretty much overloading your system so unfortunately its gonna turn to fat, it takes a good few days to recover from the poison you have put through it and whilst this happens your ability to use the food you eat correcty is affected and your body will tend to store more fat than usual. So why drink at all ? well the simple answer is because its fun and it tastes great and it is a shared social experience all over the world. The majority of my clients will at some point ask me what should they drink or should i do extra cardio the day after or should i starve myself for a few days before. I suppose there is not really one simple answer for this as every one has different tolerances to alcohol , some will drink pints after pints of beer whilst some will stick to a single glass of wine. Most personal trainers will tell there clients not to drink at all and only eat broccoli and chicken and yes that is an ideal formula to get your body into perfect shape but quite frankly thats boring and massively antisocial, yes i am sure there is someone longing to shout at me you don’t need to drink to be social and great i fully understand that and in an ideal world we would all have perfect diets and not drink and would be perfectly comfortable and having fun in a room full of other people without alcohol by your side, but lets get real here i don’t meet to many people that are happy to never drink so why don’t we just address the issue and make it one that you can manage and be responsible with. Right about now i could probably sign off with the phrase everything in moderation but i know you would like bit more instruction than that so here goes.

After a lot of research about THE HEALTHIEST DRINK it is apparent that the perfect tipple is tequila made from pure agave here is why and how to mix the nearest your gonna get to a guilt free beverage !

2 shots Top shelf tequila (preferably resposado or anejo), 3 shots if you’re feeling frisky
The juice and pulp of one lime
Club soda to taste

What you’ve got yourself here is a 130-150 calorie beverage that is low carb (5 grams or less), low sugar (5 grams or less), and not too sweet or sour.

But why is this any better?

Traditional margaritas will spike your insulin levels, promote fat storage, and dehydrate the heck out of you. With the NorCal Margarita some of these issues are addressed.

  • The tequila being used is fermented agave juice, both gluten and starch free
  • The lime juice blunts the insulin response of alcohol (stopping the conversion to fat)
  • The carbon dioxide bubbles in the club soda help to deliver the ethanol to your blood stream quicker, thus you drink less with the same effect

So if your happy drinking Tequila then great but i imagine not everyone is going to want to sip on this at the dinner table so heres my solution.

Drink whatever and be responsible for your actions. If you want to drink every weekend because thats what you enjoy then do, just make sure firstly that you understand that your progress with your training and weight loss goals is going to be slowed down so the rest of your week better be strict as hell and you better be putting everything you have got into your training. When you do drink make sure you rehydrate and if you can keep the fats and sugars that your eating for a few days on and after to a minimum. At all times make sure that YOU ARE IN CONTROL and from time to time stop drinking for a month, firstly to show your self that you can and secondly so you have some sort of benchmark of how your body works without it and just maybe your increased performance over that non drinking month will convince you to do it more often. Above all have fun and try not to use it for stress relief (thats what your training is for) alcohol is for making a great situation just that bit better ! not drowning your sorrows.