The Truth About Exercise

The Truth About Exercise


I have some bad news for you, it has become apparent to me that exercise in fact is not good for you. This is probably good news as it now means that you don’t have to put yourself through those horrible workouts, it also means that those supposedly healthy diets can be thrown in the trash and you can jump back on the sugar train and sit back down in front of the television.

Here is a list of the awful effects of exercise and healthy diet:

  • Exercise causes stress in the body, in turn stress makes your body release cortisol and cortisol makes you fat.
  • Women who weight train will almost immediately become to muscular
  • Running/Jogging will injure your knees
  • Weight training will bulk you up and inhibit any movement
  • Eating a diet high in protein and low in sugars will break your liver and end up killing you
  • Eating any fats will make you immediately fat (luckily for us the sugar industry have solved this on for us by removing fats from most foods and replacing them with high fructose corn syrup)
  • Cardiovascular training will over work your heart causing you to die younger
  • Most vegetables have been genetically altered and will give you cancer
  • Exercise makes you drink more water and too much water will drown you from the inside
  • Exercise actually does not work, fit people are just fit because of their genetics, all the other people should just not bother.

So that’s it I suppose I am officially out of a job, I have applied at McDonalds and are hoping that I can be paid mostly in food. Thanks for all your support but as you can see the internet has proved my job is pointless.

Ok, so now lets get to the point, if you google anything on the internet you will get a whole host of rubbish written by people either trying to sell products or promote their own insane ideas that have not been researched or scientifically studied. Everything I do as a trainer I have not only researched thoroughly, I have also tried out myself and made sure that it works. Exercise and diet is simple common sense, if you eat nutritious whole foods and only enough to sustain a healthy body weight you will be healthy. If you use your body as it has been designed to use then it will perform better and remain stronger and more functional for longer. Alternatively if you do not use your body it will slowly follow the instructions you are giving it and deteriorate, and if you only eat processed high energy foods your body will not be able to process them quickly enough as they are to dense in calories that you will not be able to burn, it will forever be storing them as fat and you will eventually die due to a whole host if weigh related illnesses. You only have one body and when it stops working you are ……………………………..