To busy to eat properly and To busy to train

To busy to eat properly and To busy to train

I often hear people say that they are too busy to eat properly and too busy to train, and to some degree I do understand. If your goal is to improve your health and fitness then the majority of the time you will go the extra mile to get your food prep done and make sure that you schedule your workouts into your day somehow. Sadly though life sometimes just doesn’t go the way you would like it to and throws you the occasional day that overwhelms you and pushes you towards the convenience food and away from the gym. Today was one of those days for me but currently I am on my pre summer lean up and am very much into my training. My solution to the days were the food prep wasn’t done and my time looks like it doesn’t allow me the privelege of spending an hour and a half in the gym is simple, make the most out of a bad situation. So my gym today was supposed to be legs, this workout takes me forever and messes me up for hours afterwards! But today I had 45 minutes and needed to make it count so instead of my usual 6-8 exercises I chose just 2 of my weaker ones, added a few more sets and went a lot heavier than I would usually go. This meant I could focus a lot more on the individual exercise and at least progress in some way. It is also a good shock to the body to change a workout from time to time. With regards to my diet today I had no food prepared, so my version of convenience food came into play, my days food looked like this.

Breakfast = Coffee & Protein shake mixed with water 

Mid Morning = Oats mixed with Blueberries with a scoop of protein powder 

Postworkout = Protein shake blended with frozen bananas, blueberries, Pineapple and flax seed

Lunch = From EDO (Restaurant) Brown rice, Chicken and veg (they will make you whatever you ask for)

Dinner = Cottage cheese with lots of raw veg dipped in all store bough all prepared in store

Before Bed = Caesin Protein with almond butter mixed in 

As you can see this was all very easy to get and took no preparation, its not the best of days nutritionally speaking but didn’t set me back with regards to my goals.

Leigh Carter Personal Training comes with a full nutritional guidance system, we are not super strict on people as we understand that lifestyles sometimes do not allow for perfection, we will however always offer good solutions to these problems and the motivation to get the work done.