TREAT yourself to diabetes

Sometimes things that we say and do are so far removed from justification that we just don’t seem to realize how crazy they actually are. The word TREAT comes into many discussions that I have with clients and most people never really stop to analyze what they are actually saying. Given that our health should theoretically be one of the most important things to us, why do we consider eating something that is bad for us a TREAT ?

Sadly broccoli does not taste like chocolate, water has no resemblance to beer and our tastebuds seem to want to make us fat. Heres the thing though, if you eat lots of salty, fatty and sugary foods your tastebuds seem to become accustomed to their extreme flavour and when it comes to eating that broccoli stem or a handful of almonds they seem devoid of any taste and don’t offer the instant rush of sugars or salty kick. However, I can assure you that if you completely remove all of the junk out of your diet and that means no sugar, no added salt and no processed anything, you will suddenly realize after a few weeks that you no longer desire them as much, then an even stranger thing starts to happen, all those foods that didn’t used to taste of anything now start to taste really good, you will realize that the once bland almonds are now actually a little sweet and that broccoli is an enjoyable part of your plate and then before you know it you won’t be treating your body to diabetes you will be treating it to being healthier and giving it what it requires to live longer, stronger and without disease. Sugar is the most addictive drug on earth and kills far more people that drugs or alcohol, sadly the food companies are not going to let you know to much about this and most people would not even listen because that candy is so good.

Treat yourself to a healthy body and long life, eat whole foods that help your body function properly, drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.