What do I eat

What do I eat


As a personal trainer I spend a lot of my time telling people what to eat so I though I would show you what I have been eating over the last few weeks. As you can see from the picture above a lot of my days are spent eating chicken breasts with a vegetable and a few pieces of fruit, I will place some sweet potatoes and oats in there on certain days that I feel I need it. This however is probably not that interesting to you so I have taken some pictures of the food that I have been eating outside of that strict structure. Some of these I would consider as my cheat meals and others are great and super healthy.

So in no particular order here is ten meals.

1. Oven baked sweet potato chips with turkey and peas in a tomato sauce with home made hummus.











2. Green beans, quinoa coated chicken breasts, with hummus and home made salsa.












3. Home made green chicken curry.












4. Home made burgers and sweet potato fries.












5. Home made burgers and green beans.












Paleo cooking Milton Keynes

6. Paleo coconut and chicken meatballs with broccoli root coleslaw.












Paleo cooking Milton Keynes

7. Chicken, Onion and Broccoli root with pesto.












Broccoli and chicken keep you lean

8. Chicken, Broccoli and onion with soy sauce.












9. Chicken, Broccoli and onion in soy sauce with a wholegrain tortilla wrap.












10. Quinoa coated chicken breast with home made hummus and salsa in a wholegrain tortilla wrap.











11. Oats, Banana, Strawberry and chocolate protein powder.