What is Leigh eating today

What is Leigh eating today


So I am back in Milton Keynes after a few weeks swimming in english beer and fitting as many carbs into my body as possible. It is now time to steer the ship towards the organic vegetable and alcohol free island. I will be living on this island for some time now and am actually looking forward to it. Today started of by using our newly bought juicer, Below is what I drank for my breakfast.

Tumeric fun juice (all organic)

  • A 2 inch piece of Tumeric root
  • A whole cucumber
  • Three whole carrots
  • A piece of ginger
  • A large lemon

This tasted pretty good and was followed by a few whole eggs fried in coconut oil. Replaceing my morning coffee I will be drinking Matcha green tea with a whole juiced lemon in. To save a bit of time I juiced all the lemons and made ice cubes out of them.

For dinner we will be having a coconut, vegetable and chicken slow cooked curry.

Coconut curry (all organic) slow cooked

  • 3 chicken thighs
  • coconut milk 400ml
  • 50 grams red curry paste
  • fresh bamboo shoots
  • tons of other vegetables (carrots, broccoli etc)

Throughout the day I have been drinking alot of water, this might not seem like alot of food and it isnt but my body doesnt need alot at the moment and a few pounds need to be shifted and then ill bump the calories up.