What Should I Eat ?

What Should I Eat ?


What should i eat ?, a pretty common phrase asked of me on a day to day basis, one of which there is not one singular correct answer to. However if you abide by these simple rules you should be able to make a good decision that what ends up on your plate is right for you.

1. Make sure its REAL

So make sure that ALL your food resembles in some way how to looked whilst it was in the ground or on the animal. So no processed food. You can chop it slice it, blend it, but make sure YOU are the only one processing your food so that you understand what is i it !

Processed food is full of sugar, salt and the carbohydrates have usually been broken down so far that there is little chance that they are going to be doing anything other than storing as fat. Even the processed meats are full of sugar. So eat fresh and whole.

2. Eat for what your doing

If your planning to sit at your desk all day and not go to the gym then make sure your calories and carbs are lower. And if you know that all day today is going to be spent on your feet and the gym session planned is going to be massive then put your carbs and calories a little above maintenance. The exact figures on this are dependent on the person so please contact me and i can design a plan for you. A good basic guide is around 250-350kcal per balanced meal (of a total of 4-6 meals) if your dieting or not planning on moving much for the day and 400-500kcal (of a total of 4-6 meals) if its gonna be a big day and your body is at its maintenance weight. Making sure your meals are well balanced containing carbs protein and good fats.

3. Dont limit your vegetables

Eat as much vegetables (preferably green) as you like. If your diet is mostly based around good quality veg then you are more likely to be getting the correct amount of vitamins and fibre that your body needs. A healthy functioning hormonally balanced body is one that will hold less fat.

4. Spread your meals equally

If you prepare and manage your meals in advance so that you have a nice even spread throughout the day of healthy balanced nutritious meals then you should not ever get so hungry that you make those bad decisions ! . Your body will soon learn that  it is being fed a regular source of good things and will therefore start to manage your body fat in a better way (stop holding so much) it will become a happy and unstressed body that works properly. If all your meals are prepared in advance and you understand the basic calories involved in them it will be very easy to lower and increase your total calories for the day and therefore lose or gain weight.

5. Foods that work

Someone once said to me that you should only eat foods that work and that makes a lot of sense. You wouldn’t pour Lemonade in your car would you ? So why would you put things into your body that have no nutritional value and are making you sick ! I haven’t got enough space on here to list all the good foods in the world so here are a few to get you started

Base your diet around these and you will be well on your way to perfection !!!

Broccoli – Lean chicken – Green beans – avocado – blueberries – Sweet potato – Oats – Brown rice – Quinoa – Oily fish – Eggs – Spinach – Kale – Banana – Bell peppers – Cucumbers – Tomatoes