Why should I exercise

Why should I exercise

  • Why should I exercise ?
  • Why should I eat healthy food ?
  • Why should I drink less alcohol ?
  • Why should I drink more water ?
  • Why is it better for me that I have more muscle than fat ?
  • Is it really that important that I’m able to run 5k ?
  • Why should I squat ?

I could probably write a thousand why should I do this or that, believe me, I’ve been asked them all !

The truth is there is probably lots of people out in the big wide world that don’t do any of them, live a long healthy life and have a lot of fun. These people usually look at the health fanatics and exercise freaks and and wonder what the hell we are up to. So why  on earth would I subject myself to all of this if its possible that I could just live a long, strong healthy life without doing it all?

The answer is all around us and one that should inspire everybody to go the extra mile when it comes to their own health and fitness. Next time your out just simply look at the people around you and when your watching the television or reading the news pay attention to the condition of some of the people who are older than you are in. Some may look fit and healthy, but the majority are not. If you are willing to take a gamble and hope that when you slowly enter your latter years you will remain strong and healthy, then do, but I will not be taking that chance. I want the assurance that I have done everything in my power to remain strong, functional and above all healthy, so that when I come to retire I can enjoy this part of my life with a functional body. I do not want to spend my entire youth working hard in a job only to retire and not be capable of using my body properly anymore.

You really do not have to spend hours on your health and fitness regime, just enough to keep your body strong, lean, functional and healthy. This should be part of your weekly practise, just the same as cleaning your house, maintaing your vehicle, paying your bills and enjoying your life.