Workout torture

Workout torture


Are you feeing like your workouts need a little more intensity, here are some ideas of how to ramp up the workout intensity and get you some much needed results.

Finding ways to push yourself in the gym can be hard when you have tried all the usual stuff, sometimes its not about just sacking on more weight to the bar but structuring it a little different, just remember that your body responds when different a different stimulus is given to it and that can be reps, weight, angle, time and all kinds of other modes. Try these out and see how you get on.


Tag Team 

Grab your partner and choose a movement with a fixed number of reps or distance, whilst they are doing the reps or perhaps rowing the distance you are holding a fixed position, this could be hanging from a pul up bar, holding a olmypic bar over head, sitting into a squat etc. When your partner is finished you swap keep going for as many sets as possible. You can mix this up with a million and one combinations, just remember if you go to slow on the row your partner will suffer.



Do as many reps as possible in 30 seconds, then rest in the stressed position for 30 seconds. Try pushups/plank, chin-up/dead hangs or squat/squat holds. Do it for at least 4 rounds.


Breathing Ladder 

Pick a big move,, such as kettlebell swing or dumbbell thruster. Do a rep, then take a breath, two reps, take two breaths, and carry on to 20. You will end up “panic breathing”


Single Movement Madness

The single movement madness is one move done an unreasonable amount of times, such as 1,000 lunges, which you would do over a couple of hours. Get your IPOD loaded and be prepared.


As you can see these are quite simple and work on totally different boundaries than you would normally pursue, but as stated before anything your body struggles to do it will be forced to adapt to, so push those boundaries and get some results.