You dont need to fix it until its broken ?

You don’t need to fix it until it’s broken

I have recently had 3 people in my life become ill, not just a cold either.  All of these people have and are beating there afflictions and will no doubt be back to there good selfs in hopefully no time at all. Staying in shape, eating healthy  and being stress free are alot of peoples new years resolutions, most are trying to lose weight so they look better, give up the booze or cut out the smoking.  Most peoples goals at this time of year maybe a little misguided, setting yourself a goal of losing weight so that you simply look better is all well and good but should not in my opinion be your main goal, your main and only goal should be to become healthier through cleaning up your diet and increasing your overall athletic performance. Goals like this are easily monitored, if you are in the gym it can be as simple as counting how many more reps you are capable of each week with a particular exercise or recording your time on the rowing machine over a set distance. When it comes to diet its a simple as replacing your current junk diet with actual food, vegetables, fresh organic lean meats and fish. The side effect of all this progressive fitness training and real calories is that you lose weight and become healthier. Over time your body begins to function properly and your immune system strengthens, and just maybe that illness that might possibly be destined for may not happen, or if it does you will be much stronger and capable of fighting it off. I guess what I am saying is that we really have not got a clue what lies on the road ahead so why risk being unhealthy ?