What's the plan ?

What’s the plan ?

With the new year now in full effect, many of you might be contemplating ways to enhance your fitness or embark on a diet to shed a few pounds. However, I won’t be discussing the typical rhetoric about the new year offering a fresh start. Instead, let’s cut through the clichés and talk about facing the reality of your choices.

So, here’s a question: What’s your plan?

Crafting a Fitness Plan: “What’s the plan?”

I like this question because it forces people to confront the implications of their decisions. Let me illustrate with an example: Imagine someone riding a motorbike in shorts.

  • Leigh: “What’s your plan?”
  • Motorbike person: “What?”
  • Leigh: “What’s your plan if you fall off?”
  • Motorbike person: “I won’t fall off.”
  • Leigh: “Did you know that for every mile per hour you’re going, you would lose a millimeter of skin if you fell off? And 97% of motorbike accidents are the fault of cars not looking. So, what’s the plan? Because it currently looks like death is the plan.”


This is specifically targeted at adults because, in your teens and twenties, you can get away with a lot health-wise. However, it’s not an instruction for that demographic.

So, “What’s the plan?”Are you just going to see how it goes? Slowly gaining weight over the years, paying no attention to providing your body with real nutrients, just putting things in it that taste good? Are you going to start concentrating on getting fit next week, or on Monday, or after you handle that important thing? Slowly allowing your already weak body to deteriorate into an old pile of mush, speeding up your eventual demise.

Look around you. Look at those really old people that still have completely functional bodies, strong and capable. They usually have a few things in common. But before that, I can hear you wanting to tell me that story about that lady who smokes and drinks and is 95. Yes, that’s great, but that’s an anomaly and that’s why it’s an interesting story.

So, back to my rant. All these people are usually thin, lead active lifestyles, and eat small amounts of usually healthy food.


The Stats Speak: Numbers Behind a Healthier You

Hopefully, I’ve hit a nerve and made you think. So here are some stats to cement that feeling for you.

  • A high Vo2MAX (a measure of cardiovascular fitness) offers you a decrease in the likelihood of death by all-cause mortality by 450%. The good thing is you don’t have to increase your cardio fitness by a huge amount to start getting these benefits. Just having an average or above-average V02MAX makes an enormous difference.
  • Having a higher muscle mass and strength offers a reduction in all-cause mortality by 250%. It also means you can use your body in a functional way throughout your whole life.
  • Being overweight offers you a lifespan reduction of 5-20 years on average. Figures for higher levels of obesity are worse.

So, “What’s the plan?”


Strategizing Your Fitness Journey: Actionable Steps

Here’s an idea, and I’ll put it into some key points:

  1. Do some form of exercise every single day: Occasionally, you won’t, as something will get in the way, but start to create a mindset that, just like sleep and breathing, exercise is a daily ritual that rewards you.
  2. Stop eating junk all the time and eat it just a small amount of the time: Your body requires proper food to function, and giving it rubbish is just giving it another problem to deal with.
  3. Sleep properly, and if you can’t sleep, solve the problem of why: Sleep is where all the magic stuff happens. Your body is repairing, fixing, recalibrating. Without it, you’re giving it no time to sort itself out and adding another problem to deal with.
  4. Work out what the ideal healthy weight is for your body and work towards getting it to that.
  5. Take supplements, multivitamins, fish oils, etc.: Please don’t tell me you get it all from food; your diet isn’t that good.
  6. Drink the correct amount of water: Not juice, not coffee, actual water. It’s a no-brainer; don’t make excuses for this one.
  7. Stop drinking for a while and see how much it was affecting your health, weight, and general well-being: If you drink regularly, give up for at least 3 months. You will be surprised at the things that happen.
  8. Realize how important all this stuff is: Pay attention to your health on a daily basis. It’s statistically advantageous in avoiding many problems.

So,“What’s the plan?”

Here’s an idea: Start acting like you care about the most important thing you own—your body.

If you have questions about calories, water intake, or vitamin dosage, feel free to ask, and I’ll have all the answers for you, along with a hundred ways to help you stay motivated. I really do like helping and trust me I have an answer for every question that will definitely help.



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    Sorted! Got a plan…

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    This is by far the best New Year’s resolution related post that I have read online. Straightforward, inspiring and realistic.

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