Fitness Activities In Peterborough

Top Ten Active Things to Do in Peterborough


If you’re seeking a city that offers a blend of urban charm and thrilling outdoor experiences, Peterborough has you covered. From picturesque landscapes to heart-pounding activities, this vibrant city in the UK boasts an array of options to keep your adventurous spirit alive. Let’s dive into the top ten active things to do in Peterborough, ensuring you make the most of your time while enjoying every moment of excitement.


1. Explore Nene Park : Breathtaking Outdoor Escapades

Fitness activités Peterborough

Click this link to go to the Nene Park Website

Nene Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, offering an array of activities that connect you with nature’s beauty:

  • Discover scenic walking trails around Ferry Meadows.
  • Cycle along the picturesque paths that meander alongside the Nene River.
  • Engage in water sports like kayaking and paddleboarding on Overton Lake.


2. Tackle Thorpe Meadows : Thrills and Tranquility

Outdoor fitness activities in Peterborough

Click this link to go to the Thorpe Meadows Website 

Thorpe Meadows offers a blend of exhilarating activities and serene landscapes:

  • Try your hand at rock climbing at Nene Valley Boulder Park.
  • Enjoy a leisurely walk or jog along the Embankment, overlooking the river.


3. Adrenaline at Peterborough Wakepark: Dive In!

Watersports Peterborough

Click this link to go to the Peterborough Wakepark Website

For the water enthusiasts, Peterborough Wakepark:

  • Embark on wakeboarding adventures.
  • Test your balance from beginner to expert.


4. Cycle the Green Wheel Route : Urban Exploration on Two Wheels

The Green Wheel Cycling Route

Click this link to go to the Green Wheel Website 

The Green Wheel Route invites you to pedal through the heart of Peterborough:

  • Traverse the 45-mile circular route connecting urban landmarks and lush green spaces.
  • Enjoy a mix of urban exploration and nature appreciation.


5. Peterborough Fishing : Fishing at all levels

Healthy outdoor activities in Peterborough

Click this link to go to the Fishing Website for Peterborough 

Unleash your inner fisherman on one of Peterboroughs many water stretches:

  • Experience the thrill of catching a giant!.
  • Suitable for al skill levels, from beginners to experts.


6. Serene River Nene Canoeing : Paddle Through Peace

River Fitness Peterborough

Click this link to go to the Adventure Nene Website

Discover the tranquility of River Nene through canoeing:

  • Rent a canoe and glide peacefully along the river’s gentle currents.
  • Observe local wildlife and enjoy the serenity of the surroundings.


7. Golfing Pleasures: Swing Away Stress

Golf Fitness Peterborough

Click this link to go to the Thorpe Wood Golf Course Website 

Click this link to go to the Orton Meadows Golf Course Website 

For those who enjoy a round of golf, Peterborough has several well-maintained courses:

  • Tee off at Thorpe Wood Golf Course or Orton Meadows Golf Course.
  • Indulge in a relaxing and competitive game amidst beautiful landscapes.


8. Thrilling Horse Riding : Gallop into Adventure

Horse Riding For Fitness

Click this link to go to the Folly Farm Website Peterboroug